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Sunday, November 19, 2017

How to reduce sow culling due to lameness.

How to reduce sow culling due to lameness.Lameness is a growing problem on swine farms with sows being culled from the herd in the most severe cases. The causes of lameness can be reduced and eliminated by following these simple tips. Lameness and hoof quality issues are becoming an increasingly common problem on a greater number of swine farms, leading to more culling of sows. Health problems associated with limb injuries are most common in bedding-free systems where uneven, wet and slippery floors increase the risk of both limb injuries and infections.#sows Lameness reflects pain of an injury . For example, incorrect slat widths in slatted floors can cause inflammation if hooves get stuck between them, resulting in abrasions or injuries. Analysis of hoof and limb condition in the sow herd, and the level of sow culling due to hoof and limb issues, provides us with important feedback on the correct husbandry and management of a herd, which directly impacts production efficiency. #sow How to reduce sow culling due to lameness.

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