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Saturday, January 31, 2015


Feeding livestock accounts for a larger percentage of cost of production in animal husbandry,it also determines the quality and quantity of expected by-products. Animal feed are usually fortified with growth promoters,antibiotics and anticoccidials,to ensure that the animals produce at a higher rate, grow faster to attain market weight early and to prevent diseases. The inclusion of all these medication in feed increases the cost of feed,reduces the shelve-life of the feed and it has a potential to impact the human health in a negative way as a result of antibiotic residue in the by-products. The global concern of antibiotic residue in animal by- products resulting in antibiotic resistance in man has sparked a lot of action, with more and more people pushing for regulations to restrict these inclusions in animal feed, others avoid such products,many purchase products from animals raised on organic feed/ those raised on home grown feed. This has led to a lot of research on better feeding methods of animals; these include exclusion of chemicals from feed, vaccinating animals as opposed to feed medication and inclusion of certain premixes in feed to enhance the immune system. Atovi premix is a blend of minerals and vitamins added to animal feed without any side effect in man. The premix blended with the feed enhances the immune system thus preventing diseases in animals.The premix increases the growth rate ,livability of animals thus preventing loss due to mortality,higher production rate due to better absorption of feed ,reduces time of molting thus the laying period is extended with more egg production of bigger sizes. The beef/chicken/pork produced has a homegrown taste,its juicy,without cholesterol with high carcass percentage. The use of ATOVI powder actually lowers cost of production because the animals consume less feed ,the fecal matter is reduced and its odorless. The inclusion of atovi powder in animal feed is not limited to few species,all animals benefit including fish& rabbit .It is also used on crops.The ATOVI powder, has a counterpart in human medicine referred to as MITOGEN AND MITO MALUNGGAY capsules and used as supplements to boost immune system and cure several diseases.

Friday, January 30, 2015


AGRIBUSINESS: AGRIC INSURANCE. Agric Insurance policies are to facilitate better production by protecting the farmer's capital/investment and also use it as a tool for economic growth. Agric insurance is important for the growth and development of the agricultural sector in any economy. The essence of agric insurance is to protect farmers from losses resulting from hazards such as flood,fire,pest,disease and emergency control measures such as in case of outbreaks of African swine fever,bird flu e.t.c AGRIBUSINESS: AGRIC INSURANCE. Agric insurance is also relevant in abattoir operations,with particular reference to condemnation of carcasses,organs in disease conditions and transportation accident. The benefits of insurance are enormous,aside the monetary compensation, there is access to professionals who over- see the project,certified animals are procured to start the project,data of farmers & operations are generated,it also encourages proper record keeping and disease control measures. When agric/animal husbandry projects are insured,there will be proper management ,food safety will be enhanced and wholesome products will be in our market.The fear of running at a loss is the reason why producers cut corners,avoid the necessary management protocol such as vaccination,reporting outbreaks,processing dead animals, and using unconventional feeding practices and unauthorized drugs in production to attain market weight early. AGRIBUSINESS: AGRIC INSURANCE. The agric insurance sector though a growing industry,still has a lot to do to convince farmers to insure their businesses. A large percentage of farmers dont access this opportunity to their detriment and to the loss of the economy on a larger scale.The farmers /producers need financial bodies to work with them,to give soft landing in case of loss and to pay commensurate compensations in cases of emergency control of diseases. The farmers cant access certain loans because they are not insured; premium are not fixed and certain diseases are not included in the policies. The time to bring the farmers on board the insurance train is now; banks/ insurance companies, the farmers/food processors await your call of pocket-friendly premiums ,better pay-out policy,wider range of hazard coverage and reduced interest on loans. AGRIC INSURANCE; FOR BETTER PRODUCTIVITY, FOOD SAFETY AND ENHANCED HUMAN HEALTH.


The ATOVI premix powder; generally referred to as the wonder feed powder.Its a feed additive, a blend of vitamins and minerals developed by nanotechnology.The ATOVI POWDER when included in animal feed promotes growth,build better muscle,uniformity of flock, improves feed conversion and utilization. The powder boost immune system,improves breeding operation,lowers feed intake, prevents diseases,controls odor of fecal matter,promotes fast recovery when used on debilitated animals. ATOVI POWDER, is used in all animal species without any side effects in man or the animals.There are no antibiotic residues in products thus enhancing better human health.

Thursday, January 29, 2015


The bird flu virus has affected over a million geese in Taiwan ,with 200 outbreaks only last week. The 3 strains predominant are H5N2,H5N3,and H5N8. The virus has also affected man resulting in death in Egypt, Taiwan and HongKong,the deaths have occurred in people who had close contact with infected poultry,those who have living quarters in close proximity to poultry,those working live bird markets and also been linked to contact with infected persons. In a new twist the a human infection has been reported in Canada, in a person that recently returned from a trip to China. The best approach still is enhanced bio security protocol,its in your hands stop the bird flu virus.


Nanotechnology involves creating and manipulating organic and inorganic matter on a molecular level referred to as nano scale. The technology has been applied in agriculture, in medicine,food industry,sport industry and manufacturing lines e.t.c The technology has given a ray of hope to food security,as its been postulated that with explosion of population, food /animal by products will be increasing difficult to come by due to water problems,energy use,change in climate,emissions of gases and land degradation. Nanotechnology has the ability to shape food on a molecular level,this will be made available locally around the world,thus ensuring food security.The nanotechnology will enhance flavor,adjust color,nutrient content to accomodate consumer needs,health needs,and environmental stability.The use of the technology in agriculture will reduce use of pesticides,improve plant and animal breeding and create new nano bio industrial products.The nano technology is a total turn around concept about how products are made,packaged,utilized and metabolized. The nano technology intervenes in numerous ways to ensure food safety,better health,growth/livability,safer environment,better plant/animal by products and food security.The use in animal feed is the aspect i want to focus on, THE ATOVI POWDER IS THE PRODUCT. This is a vitamin/premix that was produced using nano tech. The powder is added to animal feed to achieve the following; 1) fast growth rate, 2) improve feed conversion 3)higher livability, 4)longer laying period 5)big sized eggs with good shell quality 6)shorter molting periods,7)high carcass percentage 8) inhibition of pathogens in animals 9) better taste and color. The ATOVI POWDER IS USED IN ALL ANIMALS.


The growth promoters in feed of animals has resulted in various side effects in man with a global concern of antibiotic resistance .This has prompted the research of better feeding techniques in animal husbandry to ensure food safety and better human health. The strategies involve the following; total exclusion of antibiotics from animal feed,feeding animals organically produced feed matter and introduction of green algae to the feed .Growth promoters are added to animal feed to ensure better feed absorption,utilization, better feed conversion,enhanced growth,better by products and attainment of market weight within a short time. The latest innovation to join the no-antibiotic -in feed train, is a premix made by nanotechnology to ensure growth with any resultant toxicity in man.The product is ATOVI POWDER,used in feed of all animals to ensure growth,improve feed conversion,increase in size of eggs,longer laying period,shorter molting period ,high carcass percentage and its environmentally friendly. The vitamin/mineral premix has been termed the miracle powder because of its success as growth promoter but more so because of its ability to keep pathogens away from livestock.The product developed in the Philippines,gained recognition during the outbreak of bird flu,as the flock raised with the powder did not succumb to the virus. The powder has made its way out of the Philippines to other countries which have benefited from the powder,its also in Nigeria and its potency verified.All hands must be on deck to ensure optimum health for our animals by appropriate feeding which will translate to better human health. WE ARE WHAT WE FEED OUR ANIMALS !!!!!!


The use of virkon s can not be overemphasized because of the tremendous success it has achieved in farms,hospitals food industry etc.There are various applications for the virkon s in various sectors,but we will focus on its uses in the farm. Virkon S a virucidal disinfectant is used in the following ways; 1) foot dip 2)aerial disinfection of buildings in the farm,cages,animal housing e.t.c.3) treatment of water source The benefits of using virkon s are as following; its potent against various pathogens such as virus,bacteria and fungi ,thus making it suitable as a bio-security tool and also in cases of emergency disease control .It serves multipurpose function and its easy to transport .Its of value in the food industry as it has been proven to eliminate the salmonella super strain,the rate at which virkon s kills pathogen is 10 times faster than similar agents. Virkon S used for aerial disinfection;the virkon s is prepared at a dilution rate of 1:200/10sqm floor space,the solution is placed in knap sac and spray nozzle is set to fine droplet and solution is applied to desired areas.The major advantage is that the solution can be used in presence of animals in cages ,pens and other shelter type. The virkon s can also be applied to birds in deep litter ; this is achieved by sprinkling some quantity of the powder an the litter and its turned to make it fresh and clean,this will also eliminate odor from the poultry house. THINK VIRKON S!!! BIO SECURE YOUR FARMS!!!


The bird flu virus has affected more birds and man in certain countries, and all around the world hands are on deck to stop the virus. The basic concept is to educate the populace about the virus,the signs/symptoms,the bio security protocol that must be put in place to stop the virus and also what to do in cases of outbreak in poultry or infection in man. The approach is hygiene and isolation; ensuring that the proper agents are used correctly in bio security protocol. There are numerous agents used on farms,hospitals e.t.c to disinfect them,but the agent that readily comes to mind at this time of bird flu outbreak is VIRKON® S,as it has been proven to kill the bird flu virus among over pathogens. The issue of bio security is on going,more and more approaches to secure our farms have been birthed to help the farmers,in line with this i had a talk with some poultry farmers to educate them and give practical tips on how to handle the bird flu virus. When there is an outbreak, all the birds in the poultry / aviary/zoo will be culled and the place decontaminated and quarantined to prevent spread of the virus.In the wake of the bird flu virus saga,some birds in a zoo were infected,so all other birds in the facility had to be culled. We can stop the bird flu virus! start now!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015


Feeding animals makes up a large part of production cost,hence new ways are explored to enhance feed efficiency and production of animal by products. The animal husbandry method employed is vital to production of good quality animal by- products,this is hinged mainly on feeding,feed types and feed ingredients. Feed stuff plays a key role in production as different feed ingredients adds different values to the production process, thus it is imperative to start with identifying ingredients and feed formulations that will promote growth in animals. Growth in animals are achieved in several ways; such as strategic feeding methods,feed formulations and growth promoters in feed. Growth promoters in feed are used to improve growth rate,produce better/bigger byproducts and attainment of market weight in a short time. The growth promoters function by thinning the mucous membrane of the gut to facilitate better absorption and enhance better assimilation.Growth promoters in the past was antibiotics but because of the resultant toxicity in humans,better methods have evolved. One of such method is the use of a green algae to produce bio-antibiotics, this has no resultant toxicity in humans,it improves feed conversion without inducing antibiotic resistance and the algae is completely degraded during digestion. This new method was birthed by some Italian scientist ,the production cost of this is affordable as the raw material are in abundant supply and thrive in sunlight,with carbon dioxide and air. The world food producers have realized that WE ARE WHAT OUR ANIMALS EAT, hence the move to ensure better production strategies. This move to ensure better human health actually starts by feeding our animals better,thus going the organic route is incorporated in animal husbandry.

Monday, January 26, 2015

Antibiotic use in animal and its impact on human health.

Antibiotics are used for treatment of certain diseases in animals ,but they are also incorporated into production and management in livestock. Antibiotics are used for improved performance in growth and feed efficiency, to synchronize reproductive cycle,breeding performance and control of reproductive cycle.The use of antibiotics in food animals raises concern on 2 levels: 1) the antibiotic residue in food animals result in potential toxicity and 2) the residue in milk,meat,and eggs changes the normal flora of the gut resulting in development of resistant strains of bacteria which are now resistant to normal antibiotic therapy. The use of antibiotics in food animals have tolerance levels as stipulated by W.H.O and F.A.O,but most producers do not align their production along stipulated standards.The antibiotics have stipulated withdrawal times that must elapse before such animals are slaughtered, the noncompliance with these periods are responsible for this global hazard. Antibiotic residue in food animal is a global concern because of the potential hazard it breeds,as most health concerns in man have been traced to these residues in food animals.The up surge of diabetes, obesity,kidney failure and hypertension has been linked to these residues,this is the reason most people and now certain organization have turned the organic way.People /food corporations have imbibed a no-antibiotic-ever in their foods because of the resultant effect of better health . A food company in the U.S: PERDUE FOODS, have introduced a no-antibiotic ever in their production, as they have stopped using antibiotics as growth promoter or in their hatcheries due to public concerns about the impact of antibiotic use in food animals and the impact of this on the efficacy of treatment in humans. The company has introduced its new line of no-antibiotic ever products to the school lunch program and to the public. It is of value to remember that production/animal husbandry before the new age was done with natural ingredients without any genetic alteration,antibiotic promoters and the rate of production normal,but with increasing demand of all these products,the producers embarked on a journey of fast growth, bigger egg sizes, faster feed efficiency all in the shortest possible time has culminated in these surge of health issues. Diseases hitherto un common have now evolved because of all these changes in animals,their products and consequent interaction with MAN. The fact still remains you are what you eat or better still you are what your animals eat.

Thursday, January 22, 2015


The world being a global village, facilitates trade interaction between countries and also promotes smuggling of animals along trade zones. The international air travel and smuggling is a major route of introducing and spreading of the bird flu virus. A case readily comes to mind about a Thai man that brought in 2 eagles to Europe in 2004.The birds were seized at customs because import of birds to Europe from Asian countries is prohibited. The seized birds seized at the Brussels international airport showed no signs of bird flu.The birds were killed and upon diagnosis in the vet department,the HPAI was confirmed. The authorities swung in to action and traced birds that had passed through customs with the birds,they found 2 parrots,2000 parrots in quarantine and 400 birds in another quarantine area,all birds were culled to forestall spread. The health authorities went further and traced all those who had contact with the eagles;they were identified,isolated and treated with Tamiflu. The Thai man reported himself to the police when he heard that the birds were H5N1 POSITIVE,he was isolated and treated.All those who had contact with the birds were asymptomatic except the VET,that euthanize the birds,he was isolate and treated same with members of his family. The main reasons we are recording outbreaks of various diseases around the world is because of international trade facilitated by travel and also smuggling along trade routes.Stuffed animals,hides of skin used to make drums, tools/equipment have all been implicated in spreading of various diseases. It will be appropriate to advise everyone to stay away from exotic animals, do not touch them if found in the wild and dont smuggle in animals off unknown origin. BE PROACTIVE! STOP THE BIRD FLU VIRUS.


The avian influenza virus ravaging poultry in some countries now and death of humans in other countries, has been linked to migratory birds that harbor the virus.The interaction of the migratory birds/ waterfowl/game birds with the domestic birds results in the fulminating HPAI infection. The virus is spread from bird to bird and flock to flock by direct/indirect contact with droppings & secretions and contaminated feed/water. The virus can be stopped by practicing basic bio security protocol, isolation and hand hygiene. The virus can be stopped in the following ways; 1) Curb smuggling of exotic birds into the country. 2) Strict custom regulations concerning import of poultry products/ birds from countries battling with the virus. 3)Enhanced bio-security in farms, live bird markets,and slaughter houses. 4)Avoid contact with infected carcasses and proper disposal of affected birds. 5)Active surveillance of farms/live bird markets/slaughter houses. 6) Early diagnosis and commencement of treatment using Tamiflu,in human subjects. 7)Mass sensitization of citizens on the virus, its mode of spread,signs of infection, and prevention strategies. 8)Hand washing policy in daily activities, the importance should be emphasized to the citizens. 9)Wear protective clothing if you work with birds. 10)wear mask,gloves if you work in an hospital,attending to infected humans. 11) Site poultry away from living quarters. 12)Control human and vehicular traffic to farms. The bird flu can be stopped, lets stop it together. BE PROACTIVE! STOP THE BIRD FLU VIRUS! USE VIRKON® S,ITS A POTENT DISINFECTANT! USE IT NOW! ITS IN YOUR HANDS.

Avian influenza ; in the news.

The H5N1 bird flu virus has been detected in the following states in Nigeria; Lagos,Ogun,Edo,Delta,Rivers,Kano and Plateau. A total of 140,390 birds have been exposed to the virus out of which 22,573 have died, and others culled. The farms have been decontaminated,quarantined and bio-security protocol enhanced .The area of infection include:21 commercial farms,9 live bird markets and a private zoo. The H5N1 virus has registered its presence in Egypt,with number of cases increased to 21 ,with 16 deaths.The infection occured in people who had close contact with infected birds/contaminated surfaces,handling and processing of birds. Israel has joined in the HPAI trend,as the virus has been discovered in Aviel farm,as @ 20/1/15; 15,000 birds have died.In a Palestinian coop,4000 birds have died. The H5N1 virus has affected 30000 birds in Israel,with 15,000 deaths and other birds destroyed. The culling of affected flock is ongoing,backyard birds will also be culled. The health officials in Israel have provided 100 safety suits for those handling infected birds, and also 1000 Tamiflu bottles provided in hospitals. The HPAI infection across the globe is a wake up call for all to imbibe high levels of bio-security protocol and ensure strict compliance. WE CAN STOP THE BIRD FLU VIRUS! STEP UP YOUR BIO-SECURITY PROTOCOL! USE VIRKON® S. The power is in your hands! Wash hands with soap and water and sanitize hands.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Avian influenza ;Tracking.

The Rivers state government of Nigeria has confirmed the bird flu virus in a poultry farm in the state.The birds have been culled,farm decontaminated and quarantined.The farms in the vicinity of the affected farm have been advised to enhance bio-security protocol. Avian influenza virus has been detected in a back yard poultry in Idaho state in the U.S..The surveillance conducted revealed several cases of H5N8 in wild ducks,H5N2 also confirmed in 3 falcons from a private,non commercial flock in Canyon county,this has been linked to contact with wild waterfowl and a small backyard poultry in the area has also tested for H5N2. A new outbreak of avian influenza has been detected in Washington state,all poultry owners have been advised to prevent contact of their birds with migratory birds.The bird flu virus found in chickens,geese,ducks was confirmed to be H5N2, hence bio-security has been enhanced in that area. Egypt has reported 20 new H5N1 cases in 2015 and 5 deaths.The avian influenza situation in the country has led to thee constitution of a high-level supreme national committee on bird flu. The health ministry of Egypt has supplied 250,000 Tamiflu bottles to hospitals and health care units to treat patients who have contacted the H5N1. The ministry also provided masks for control of flu.The deaths recorded are in people who had close contact with poultry such as; those living in the poultry area, those processing and those in live bird markets. It is very important to practice good hygiene of hand washing with soap/ sanitize hands when you handle poultry/poultry products. The power to stop bird flu is in your hands. STOP THE BIRD FLU VIRUS! BE PROACTIVE!

Monday, January 19, 2015

Avian Influenza watch.

The bird flu virus continues to cause havoc in poultry around the world and in certain cases death in humans have been recorded.The bird flu virus strains detected in poultry around the world varies across board,new strains have been detected that are of varying pathogenicity. The H5N1 infection in Egypt has been on the increase,but there has not been any significant genetic mutation in the flu strain to explain rise in human infection. Its known that the bird flu virus can mutate easily,cross species and result in a very pathogenic strain that can cause death in man and other species. The fight to stop bird flu virus is on going ,and all measures are geared towards enhanced bio security. The prevention / control of bird flu is done broadly on 2 level; hygiene and isolation. The bird flu virus is real, prevent it. The effort to stop the virus is communal; everybody must be involved, be alert. Notify vet authorities if you notice high mortality in poultry farm or live bird markets, raise an alarm if you notice people processing dead birds, or transporting dead birds, or dumping dead birds on street corners. The law enforcement agents should be on the look-out for individuals who are in possession of dead birds,such cases demand instant notification. The virus can be stopped in its track with these measures, but if we turn away /turn the other eye then we are courting trouble. Be proactive! stop bird flu virus!

Sunday, January 18, 2015


The power to stop the bird flu virus lies in our hands; practice good hygiene,isolation of affected victims, quarantine and depopulation of affected farms, cooking of poultry/ poultry products. Wash hands thoroughly when youve handled poultry, do not touch dead birds. Use potent disinfectant as part of your bio-security protocol. IT ALL STARTS WITH YOUR HANDS; TOUCHING# HOLDING# CARRYING# LIFTING# TRANSFER# ; so stop the virus with your hands. ALL hands on deck; use VIRKON® S, and most important key wash hands regularly and sanitize them. HANDS ON! STOP THE BIRD FLU VIRUS!.

Bird flu.

STOP THE BIRD FLU VIRUS! 1) Avoid contact with dead poultry, wild birds and strange birds of unknown origin. 2)Avoid contact with droppings of poultry, prevent contamination of poultry feed and water. 3)Wash hands immediately after handling birds. 4) Stay away from bird sanctuaries,parks and gardens where various bird species are kept. 5)Respect quarantine notifications on farms and areas around quarantined zones. 6)Do not smuggle in birds from other countries to yours. 7) Do not attempt to cover-up infection on farms or markets; notify the vet authorities. 8) Proper disposal of affected birds are essential. 9) Enhance bio-security measures on the farm, live bird markets and areas around these sites. The bird flu virus can be stopped by active surveillance, enhanced bio-security and practice hygiene and isolation. BE PROACTIVE! STOP BIRD FLU VIRUS!.


The highly pathogenic avian influenza virus is currently affecting poultry in some countries and causing death in some others. The bird flu virus H7N9 has killed 2 people in China,Egypt has recorded the 3rd death in 2015. Libya has also recorded 4 human cases resulting in death, 3 of the victims died in Tripoli while the 4th person died in Tobruk ,across border to Egypt. Taiwan battles the worst H5N2 infection, H5N3 and H5N8,this has led to culling of over 112,375 ducks,geese and chicken. The flu virus has also caused mortality in poultry in Kano,Lagos and also a zoo in V.G.C, the birds have been culled and farm decontaminated and quarantined. The bird flu virus has been detected on 2 farms in Belize,Spain due to active surveillance. The birds on the affected farms showed mild clinical signs of avian influenza virus, but on analyzing the samples, the bird flu virus was confirmed. The agricultural and health services department have encouraged commercial and backyard farmers to step up their bio-security protocol, and notify the authorities of any unusual signs in poultry. BE PROACTIVE! BE ALERT! STOP BIRD FLU VIRUS! USE VIRKON® S,IN BIO-SECURITY PROTOCOL.

Saturday, January 17, 2015


H7N9 kills 2 people in China,Taiwan battles worst H5N2 outbreak and Egypt report 3rd bird flu death in 2015. The ever changing bird flu virus makes it a potential global threat in terms of economic loss and also death of man. The capacity of the virus to mutate enables it to cross species and cause fulminating infection in these species, this is the reason why it poses a pandemic threat. The bird flu virus infection has been linked to wild birds/waterbirds and migratory birds which act as reservoir .The key prevention will be to keep wild birds away from poultry.These can be achieved as by the following measures ; do not handle birds of unknown origin, dont touch dead birds, wash hands immediately after handling poultry, do not buy processed birds from unknown origin, if you observe high mortality in poultry in your area notify vet authorities in your area. The surveillance of live bird markets, farms and control/border points are paramount in the preventive measure. BE ALERT! BE PROACTIVE ! STOP BIRD FLU VIRUS!.


The highly pathogenic avian influenza virus has made its entrance into Nigeria,making its first appearance in Kano. The bird flu virus has been linked to cases of high mortality in poultry birds in 4 local government involving 10 farms. The affected farms have been quarantined, the birds destroyed and surveillance of farms and live bird market in the area is on-going, also an alert has been sent to other states in a bid to curb spread of virus. The bird flu virus crossed states to make a second appearance in Lagos state, the virus is believed to have made its way during the yuletide season when birds came into the state from the north. The resurgence of bird flu in Lagos occurred on a poultry farm in Badore area ,in Ajah. The virus killed most of the flock, the others have been destroyed and farm quarantined. There has also been high mortality in ducks, emu, geese in a zoological garden in V.G.C.,the garden is under surveillance as samples have been sent for confirmation. The resurgence of the bird flu in the country has been tackled with the following measures; 1) enhanced bio- security protocol on farms,live bird market, and poultry houses. 2) Active search surveillance. 3) Education of farmers and workers in poultry farms. 4) Disinfection/decontamination of farms and market. The bird flu virus occurred in Kano in 2006,2007,2008 and now 2015.The route of infection and perpetuation of the virus has been linked to migratory birds en-route that region,having access to water in farms,feed and contamination of bedding, as the virus shed in dropping of migratory bird is a contamination foci for domestic birds . The sanitary status on farms is also a factor in the spread. The feces of birds in contaminated farms should be disposed off and not as compost for fertilizer. The key to stopping the virus is high sanitary hygiene on farms, sheltering poultry to keep them away from wild birds, covering reservoir tanks of water to prevent contamination,also it will be necessary to give treated water on farms.This is another reason to incorporate VIRKON® S, in your bio-security protocol, to treat water on farm,to disinfect the farm equipment and use in foot dip. BE PROACTIVE! STEP UP BIO-SECURITY PROTOCOL! USE VIRKON® S.

Friday, January 16, 2015


A new strain of the highly pathogenic avian influenza ;H5N3 has been detected in 2 goose farms in southern Taiwan.The new strain identified 16/1/15 in these farms are thought to have been transmitted to the birds by migratory birds. The animal health authorities have issued a disease control measure response to the outbreaks, with all poultry slaughter houses ordered to stop operation for 2 days to carry out sterilization of equipment. A response plan should include: enhanced bio- security protocol, surveillance and monitoring of global progress of the virus to provide opportunity for proactive risk management, and also early detection,reporting and surveillance of the virus. The HPAI virus is on the move affecting poultry of various species, affecting man in some countries resulting in some deaths, all hands must be on deck to stop the virus. BE PROACTIVE! STOP THE HPAI VIRUS.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

H5N2 AND H5N8.

The highly pathogenic strain of avian influenza detected in Taiwan is a new H5 variant. The H5N8 and H5N2 strains identified are new in Taiwan.The confirmed cases of infection was in 14 farms,number of cases have jumped from 20 to 64 with another 31 farms under surveillance. There has been a total of 112,375 culled ducks,geese and chicken.The detection of H5 subtypes in Taiwan indicates that virus has crossed from waterfowl to chickens.The director of the bureau of animal and plant health inspection and quarantine has stated that as from 18/1/15, no poultry can be processed in the abattoir without approval.The H5N2/H5N8 strains observed in Taiwan shows an interaction between domestic waterfowl and migratory birds. The role of migratory birds in transmission of the bird flu virus cannot be overemphasized, so its very important to keep your poultry away from migratory birds/wild birds. BE PROACTIVE! STOP THE VIRUS! USE VIRKON® S.


The highly pathogenic influenza virus has affected more backyard poultry in Washington.The virus has been discovered on 2 farms with mixed specie of birds such as: chicken,turkey,ducks and guinea fowls. The birds died from H5N2 strain of the virus, and all others on the farms have been destroyed to prevent spread. The source of infection has been traced to contact with feces of infected wild ducks.This mode of transmission is easy especially in free range flocks that come in contact with wild birds.The detection of H5N2 strain of the influenza virus in a northern pin tail duck in Whatcom country in December confirmed the bird flu virus infection. The farm, and a 20 mile zone around it has been quarantined at least for 240 days, the quarantine prohibits movement of eggs, poultry/ poultry products outside the zone.The farm has also been disinfected with deep cleaning of equipment. BE PROACTIVE! STEP UP YOUR BIO-SECURITY PROTOCOL. USE


The bird flu virus has been confirmed in a mixed back yard poultry in Kano,Nigeria.The veterinary authority has notified the OIE. The outbreak started on 2/1/15 at a backyard poultry in Kano district, a flock of 1,568 birds. The virus killed 1,370 of the birds and the rest of the flock has been destroyed to prevent spread. Be proactive! stop the bird flu virus!. use VIRKON® S now. Spread the word; use VIRKON® S.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


VIRKON® S has been proven to be the disinfectant of choice in cases of outbreaks especially for avian influenza.The effectiveness of the disinfectant, coupled with the fact that its safe,non toxic,easy to transport, store, and use has made it a major bio security component. The uses are varied, method of use also differ but the same result of a disease-free zone is achieved.The major component in bio security protocol as its highly effective,stable and ingredients are degradable. VIRKON® S is in powder form and tablet form, this come in handy now that avian influenza cases are reported in some countries.The best approach will be to embark on mass decontamination of poultry markets, disinfection of farms and education of populace about the bird flu virus. The movement of birds across states should be prevented at this time, also import of processed birds should also be prevented and surveillance points at borders, control post ,ports and airports should be on alert ,so they can notify the appropriate authorities if any emergency. BE PROACTIVE! THINK BIO SECURITY! THINK VIRKON® S!. GET IT NOW!!!!!!.