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Tuesday, March 31, 2015


The Ebola virus can easily be contained if certain habits are changed and new habits cultivated.The issue of eating bush meat,bats and wild antelopes is linked to maintaining the foci of infection,so if this practice is stopped the cycle ends.

AGRO-VETERINARY : Herbal remedy for pets.

AGRO-VETERINARY : Herbal remedy for pets. Garlic is an effective flea and tick repellent. The garlic cloves is crushed and put in oils and left to stand for a while before applying on coat of dog.The preparation can also be used to make a flea collar; the cloth/collar is soaked with the solution and its put on the dog. Garlic oil prepared is used to treat ear infections; to prepare the ear ointment, add the cloves of garlic to a bottle of olive oil,then leave for 2 weeks. The oil is separated from the garlic cloves and its referred to as garlic oil. The garlic oil is very effective for treatment of ear mites,otitis and any ear infection.The oil can also be applied on the coat to treat skin infection such as mange and ring worm. Vinegar is also a great flea repellent,mix equal parts of vinegar and water in a bottle and spray on the pet. Peppermint oil is also of great value in vet practice; it has antinflammatory,antiseptic and analgesic properties.The peppermint extract in oil is a flea repellent,the addition of the peppermint leaves to oil is a good coat conditioner. Aloe vera has also found uses in the vet practice,the extract is jelly-like and its suitable for skin infestation such as mange,alopecia , hot spots, wound healing and burns treatment.The use is also relevant in treatment of lumps and sores.

VETERINARY MEDICINE: Ginger therapy for animal health.

VETERINARY MEDICINE: Ginger therapy for animal health. Ginger a medicinal herb has found enormous uses in the veterinary world.The herb can be used whole,fresh,dried,powdered or in alcohol extract. Ginger is used in dogs as an anti emetic agent,this herb when prepared and given to dogs prevent nausea and vomiting. The herb comes in handy in cases of motion sickness,it is also important because it normalize gastric function.The powdered ginger is the best preparation for motion sickness or vomition.The ginger is sprinkled on food or added to water,the result are immediate and your pet will love you for it. VETERINARY MEDICINE: Ginger therapy for animal health. Ginger comes in handy in treatment of gastric-dilatation volvulous complex , this is a condition that arises when there is a distention of the stomach and a turning of the stomach on its axis. The GDV complex normally requires surgical intervention because the consequences are fatal, but thanks to ginger you can save your pet quickly.The ginger stimulates stomach motility,thus it helps to unravel/upturn the stomach and returns it to normal position. VETERINARY MEDICINE: Ginger therapy for animal health. Heart worms are a life threatening in dogs that are not properly managed,but ginger brings in a better alternative. Ginger in alcohol extract given subcutaneously reduce the microfilaria load,it kills 90-95% of heartworms. Ginger is used to treat cardiovascular diseases also, giving dogs with heart disease a new lease of life. The herbs are incorporated into their food over a period of time. VETERINARY MEDICINE: Ginger therapy for animal health. Ginger has been processed into various forms and has diverse uses, the efficacy cannot be overemphasized. Ginger for better pet health# wellness at your finger tips. VETERINARY MEDICINE: Ginger therapy for animal health.


The world today is moving away from the use of chemicals,conventional drugs and trending into the wellness practice.Many people have moved into holistic methods of treatment and this has spilled over to veterinary practice,where more and more people are seeking herbal therapy for their pets. Herbal interventions also referred to as herbal therapy is the use of herbs to treat ailments,correct disorders and heal sores,wounds and treat diseases. The herbs can be used in various forms such as roots,leaves and stem depending on where the active ingredient lies in the plant.The herbs can be prepared as capsules,grounded as powdered, added to alcohol extracts,dried ,in tinctures, lotions or creams and the method of presentation depends on its use . The common herbs are ginger,garlic and some oil extracts from peppermint leaves and cloves.The uses varies from flea treatment,shampoos,treatment of gastric dilatation-volvulous complex, cancer,mange,inappetence,arthritis, and diabetes to mention a few. Veterinary. The various herbs,uses and preparation will be discussed at length. The possibilities abound in herbal medicine for veterinarians, and to this end there are a crop of vets that practice this act solely and are referred to as veterinary herbalist. How to use herbs in veterinary practice. Pets and herbs= better health. #poultry

Monday, March 30, 2015


The bird flu virus is still very much around,do not let down your guard.Stop the virus now..................The U.S.D.A has developed a vaccine to protect poultry from new strain H5N2 but dont have plans to make vaccine commercial.


The avian influenza virus is still very much around ,and only active surveillance,isolation and decontamination can actually prevent an epidemic. The avian influenza virus has ravaged poultry in many countries,causing death in some humans and has caused untold hardship to affected small scale farmers and severe economic losses to affected countries. The latest to feel the avian influenza surge is Stearns county in Minnesota where the virulent avian influenza strain H5N2 has been discovered in a flock of 39,000 turkey farm. The farm in Stearns county ,northwest Minneapolis is currently quarantined and all flock culled to prevent spread of the virus.There has been recent infections of avian influenza in states stretching from Arkansas to Oregon,this has prompted overseas buyers to limit imports from the United states. The avian influenza virus has been traced to the water fowl and wild birds that are usually migrating, carrying the virus and shedding same in their drooping and bodily secretions.Its the contamination of the feed/water source of domesticated poultry that facilitates spread of the virus.The reported outbreaks have stemmed from poultry in close proximity to large bodies of water and those backyard farms that wild birds can easily access. The avian influenza virus is very virulent with a sudden onset affecting all the flock with signs such as bulbous comb and wattles which are blood tinged,bloody shanks,severe nervous in coordination expressed as severe tumbling/rolling over and this culminates in death. The bio security protocol is of paramount importance in curbing the spread of the virus; cleaning and disinfecting poultry houses,barns,yards are important.Collection of poultry birds from disease- free stock,isolation/quarantine of new stock,provision of foot dip with disinfectants,purifying water source and restriction of visitors to poultry houses. The chemical of choice that is internationally acclaimed to kill the avian influenza virus is the VIRKON S, the regular use on the farm will prevent the entrance of common farm pathogens and especially the avian influenza virus.


Hunting of wild animals referred to as bush meat,bats and community kitchen and parlors have been identified as foci of transmission. Markets that deal in bush meat,porcupine,wild antelopes and bats are also foci of infection and transmission.


The Ebola virus has taken its toll on countries in West Africa and some citizens outside west Africa. The virus is deadly and only proper management in terms of isolation,,re- hydration and symptomatic treatment of patients only ensures recovery . The Ebola virus has been linked to fruit bats which is postulated to be the reservoir host,and also chimpanzees,monkeys and wild antelopes all popularly referred to as bush meat. The hunting,preparation and consumption have been traced as the major route of transmission of the virus to man.The recent outbreak of Ebola in Guinea started in a family in Meliandou, the area sits deep within the Guinea forest surrounded by flowing reeds.The boy died after infection with the virus,followed by the sister then the pregnant mum,it is important to note that the family were bat hunters. The Ebola virus spread from that family to other communities,Sierra leone and Liberia.The hunting of wild animals that has had contact with fruit bats,is the major route of infection .The hunting and consumption of wild animals have been discouraged,but more and more people are consuming bush meat and bats.The sale and smuggling of bush meat and bats across borders,within communities are major routes of spread of the virus. Consumption of bats ,bush meat and exportation should be curbed by active surveillance and mass education on the health hazards associated with consumption of these animals. Border patrol, airport surveillance and hospital check /screening result for people travelling from Ebola affected countries.


The Ebola virus has caused a lot of deaths in and outside Africa.The worst hit African countries are Liberia,Sierra Leone and Guniea. The 3 countries with highest death toll were on the verge of a declaration as EBOLA FREE by the W.H.O before pockets of new cases emerged. The president of Guinea ; Alpha Conda, has announced the 45-day health emergency in the country.The restriction involve 5 major districts which are 1) Forecaniah, 2) Coyan 3) Dubreku 4)Boffa and 5) Kindia. The president noted that the virus has been traced along the coastal areas,the restrictions is to stamp out the virus and ensure proper surveillance and isolation. The latest cases of the Ebola virus occurred within the medical community, amongst health workers.Three doctors have been infected in Conakry hospital, this has been linked to lack of infection control in the hospital, and these lapses fueled the outbreak, and further spread of the virus. Six more medical personnel have been infected across 3 clinics in the western area of the country.The health facilities where personnel were infected have been quarantined and closed. Sierra leone also declared a 3 day nationwide lock down, which was fueled by fears that the virus was making a new entry.The health workers are going on a door-door campaign ,telling the citizens about the Ebola virus ,its mode of transmission and management protocol. The authorities also have a dedicated helpline which citizens are to dial in case of any new outbreak. Mass education and mobilization of the citizens and health workers are also underway, to ensure prevention of the virus and more deaths. The lifestyle of the people in the country has been linked to the the infection with the virus and consequent spread of the virus.It is worthy of note that bush meat and bats which are reservoir host of the Ebola virus is a delicacy in these countries,also community festivals, cooking parlors which are common place in these countries are another means of spread of the virus. Complacency on the part of health workers has also been fingered in the spread and maintenance of foci of infection. The virus is inactivated with soap and water; hence handwashing is key to prevent spread ,also alcohol based hand sanitizers will kill the virus.Decontamination of clothing and premises with bleach is also another means to kill the virus.Cleaning floors,tables,walls and drains with bleach also go a long way to destroy the virus. Keep washing hands with soap and clean floors with bleach.


The deadly Ebola virus has reared its ugly head again in Liberia just when the country was to be pronounced EBOLA FREE. The latest victim a 44-year old woman died on 27/3/2015, her boyfriend was an Ebola survivor indicating that sexual transmission is a route of infection of the Ebola virus. Research has shown traces of Ebola virus in semen of survivors for at least 82 days after onset of symptoms ,to this end the W.H.O has advised Ebola survivors to abstain from sex during a 90- day period following recovery. The deputy health minister and head of the Ebola response team; Tolbert Nyenswah reiterated the stand of W.H.O and suggested that survivors go a step further until the the pathway of transmission is better understood. He suggested that Ebola survivors consider use of condoms for all sexual acts beyond 3 months. The Ebola virus has been linked to non-human primates such as monkeys and apes, the fruit bats has also been linked as a reservoir host. It has been documented that hunting in deep forest for wild animals(bush meat) and bats ,subsequent preparation and consumption is a major route of infection with the Ebola virus.The management of the sick in terms of cleaning vomitus, diarrhoea and other body fluids is responsible for spread.The burial rites and community -based burial ceremonies has further propagated the spread of the virus across the borders. The contamination of bedding, clothing and surfaces also contribute to spread of virus. The symptoms include fever,vomiting,diarrhoea and hemorrhaging .The bleeding is from all orifices, the diarrhoea and vomitus are also blood tinged. The envelope on the RNA virus is easily disrupted by washing with soap and water,hence hand washing is advocated. The use of alcohol based hand sanitizers has also been proven to inactivate the virus. The use of bleach to decontaminate surfaces,floors and drains is very effective for killing the virus. COMPLACENCY has been identified as the major cause of new cases of Ebola, it will be of paramount importance to be alert and be proactive. KEEP WASHING HANDS,WASH FLOORS/SURFACES WITH BLEACH.VISIT AN HOSPITAL IF YOU HAVE ANY OF THE EBOLA SYMPTOMS AND REPORT TO HEALTH AUTHORITIES IF YOUVE HAD CONTACT WITH PERSON WITH EBOLA,OR HAVE VISITED COUNTRIES WITH EBOLA CASES.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Food crops derived from agricultural biotechnology are referred to as bio crops.Farmers all over the world are turning to bio technology to produce food,fruits and vegetables. The advantages of biotechnology over conventional farming are enormous ;these include production of more disease resistant strains of crops within a short time, the process is environmental friendly because pesticides are not used,this also ensures food safety as there is no pesticide residue on the products. Biotechnology also prevents health hazard in farmers as there is no exposure to chemicals used in conventional farming, the crops produced are of higher nutritional value,better flavor and most of all the productivity is high which makes it a tool for food security. Bio technology is safe and does not cause any ecological damaged.Crops that are developed are such that they breed out undesirable traits.Farmers are turning to biotechnology so that they can grow plants that yield more per acre and resistant to diseases and insect pest while reducing production cost. Agricultural biotechnology is a key to eradicate poverty and hunger/malnutrition in the world,according to UN food and agricultural organization there is an estimated world population of 9.1 billion in 2050,this will require enhanced production and productivity of food. The new methods of farming with innovative use of technology is the key to sustainable food production. Change is the only constant thing...........welcome to a new age of food production. BIO CROPS# BIOTECHNOLOGY.

Monday, March 23, 2015



Biotechnology is one of the various ways of using scientific principles and techniques to produce crops that are pure strains and resistant to diseases. Biotechnology,nanotechnology,genetic engineering are all scientific interventions to produce better crops,improve plants,animals and microorganisms to enhance their value. The world today is faced with population explosion; the growth of the population is not at the same rate as food production and processing leaving most developing countries on poverty threshold and food scarcity. The world now is looking at strategies for food security and sustainability to eliminate hunger and eradicate poverty. Biotechnology has actually shown great potential to achieve food security in the agricultural sector where it has been used to develop plant strains that are resistant to pests and diseases. Biotechnology has also been employed to improve food processing,nutritional value better flavor and productivity of plants,vegetables and other food crops. Agric biotechnology is the use of scientific techniques to modify and improve crops by selective breeding. Advances in science especially in the field of molecular biology has provided scientist with ability to manipulate food at molecular level referred to as genetic engineering.The technique employed in genetic engineering is the transfer of DNA from species with specific desired traits into distantly related organisms. Genetic engineering allows the transfer of one or more traits from specific organism,plants,animals and microorganism and introduce them to new strains to come up with genetically modified strains with better productivity. The technology era has brought with it innovation , information , inputs and institutional support to enhance economic growth and development.The use of technology to ensure food security cannot be overemphasized,and so many options are at our fingertips to ensure food sustainability. Food can be cultivated in nutrient media instead of soil, and this is done in a controlled environment this system is referred to as hydroponics /aeroponics depending on the conditions of growth.This system enables farming even in your room or balcony or any small space that can house the system you want to adopt. Technology bringing change in its track; who could have imagined farming without soil or land? can you imagine planting tomatoes or vegetables or even yam in a column -like stand or table? Welcome to the world of BIOTECH; feeding the world with ease.

Friday, March 6, 2015


The washing of your pets can pose a problem if you dont use right products.The coat of your pets needs to be handled properly to prevent damage and hair loss. The ordinary washing or cleaning of your pets should be scheduled for every 2 weeks and use products that are safe and leave the coat soft and silky. The B olive dog shampoo cleans and conditions your pet's coat. Call today to buy your dog shampoo; 08023003455.