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Saturday, May 8, 2021

RED MEAT VALUE CHAIN: Processing And Packaging Options.

Red meat can be hygienically packaged and sold in meat shops. The packaging are usually of different parts or as specified by customers. The packaging can be in clear transparent bags that are air tight or the use of food trays for easy stacking in chillers. 


Meat can be processed further by frying, this is packaged in beautiful handy packs . The packaging can be plates,trays or decorated bags.
 Meat can be processed into beef jerky. This is done by cutting meat into thin slices, add spices then dry to produce the jerky. This delicacy is a spicy variety of  processed red meat popularly called, KILISHI.

 The export potential of this product is very high and the profit margin is high.  The  product is light ,easy to pack and very handy to ship out.
 Spicy beef jerky.

      Other processing options?  See                           


 We have been discussing about franchising as an option in the red meat value chain.  Discussions have spanned various models of making profit in the red meat value chain from owning an abattoir to running a meat shop.

  The force of collaborations in form of franchising to grow a business is a tested and proven strategy. Crowd sourcing method can be remolded and used in the red meat value chain. Meat sharing aptly termed crowd cow.  scenario 4 

  Meat sharing and crowd cow: interested in the red meat value chain but dont fit into any other highlighted options? Then this is for you.

   Meat sharing and crowd cow; this method allows various individuals to buy parts of a cow, the cow is only slaughtered when all parts are sold. These are then dispatched to individuals or they pick up at your shop. 


Meat sharing and crowd cow is  risk free because interested buyers pay before cow is delivered.  The business strategy is crowdfunding, different individuals are paying for shares in a cow. It is the business owner that will determine price per share based on the price of cow he intends to purchase.

 The meat sharing and crowd cow needs an advertising platform to get people informed of operation. The platform will announce dates and time of crowd cow with timeline to opt -in. When the  target is reached then the business owner moves in the abattoir to slaughter and pack the beef as desired by investor.

 Advantages of this model is 1) No risk attached because you pay to opt-in. 2) No waste or loss because the client has paid and must pick up . 3) No extra cost of freezing left-overs. 4) Business is based on demand per time, no slaughtering on  assumptions. 5) Minimal cost of start -up, a social media page and means of dispatch is all you need.

Wednesday, May 5, 2021

Franchising : A business growth model.


 Franchising your business to expand frontiers and smile to the bank.. Thinking of starting a business? use the franchise method to shorten the learning curve. Are you an established brand thinking of scaling up? thinking of creating a global influence? use the franchising method, it is a win- win situation. 

  One shop, one brand scattered all over creating employment and servicing more customers then franchising is the model. 

  Franchising in agribusiness, more here

Franchising in the red meat value chain.

 How to grow your niche in the red meat value chain using the franchise model.Franchising as simple as it looks, its a powerful business tool for expansion and growth. Franchising in the red meat value chain is an easy strategy to expand the red meat value chain, in terms of investors, unemployed youths and cattle merchants.

   Franchising in the red meat value chain using meat markets and hubs as our focus. You want to tap into the red meat value chain? want to have a meat market or hub in your area? you are young but want a side hustle or you are young and unemployed with interest in red meat business? Welcome to the red meat hub.

Franchising in the red meat value chain. How will you key in to the business? Take a trip to a registered abattoir and watch operations in the mechanized abattoir. Follow through the process and link up with operators that have a brand they promote or operators that just slaughter ,cut and package for you for onward delivery to your store.

 Scenario 1: abattoir operator has a brand that sells packed beef, and beef products. Meet the operator, discuss on franchising his brand in your neighborhood and beyond. The franchisee agrees to terms of operation and he starts to collect beef,branded by abattoir operator at minimal cost.  The advantage of this model is that franchisee provides outlet, pays for startup cost  ( employers) along side other logistics, the brand expands all over.


 Dr. Henrietta Ojuri, value chain strategist.

 Scenario 2: Abattoir operator has a beef brand that markets beef an beef products. The operator creates an  investment pool by rolling out investment plans by way of franchising. The investors pay a token to join the investment pool and the operator provides branded refrigerators for investors.  Investors collect specified amount of products without paying upfront but will remit money on specified dates as stipulated in the contract.

 Advantage here is there is a pool of investors creating brand awareness all over, there is a token payable by startup and this model will  attract young entrepreneurs in the red meat value chain.

Scenario 3: There is no brand you want to hook up with but still interested? Go to the abattoir, mechanized slaughtering and hook up with operator. Buy a cow, slaughter in the mechanized line, cut to different sizes(1kg/2kg) then get a cooling van/refrigerated van to transport meat to your location. The different stages attracts costs , so how do you rejig this model? Next time, we conclude.

Franchising In Agribusiness :Leveraging on this model to create wealth.

  Franchising, in lay terms means jumping on the success train of an established brand to start a profitable business. Franchising works in various types of business ventures with the common goal of expansion and wealth creation.

 A wise man once said "if you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far, go with people."  How does this relate to franchising? lets see.. You are an entrepreneur,you are starting your business : brand creation, awareness and customer segmentation is no small feat. It will take time, lots of money and hours of twigging the strategy. 

The result you desire will surely come but at what speed? at what cost? how about man power? im so sure you get the drift. Franchising on the other hand shortens this curve, you know the niche you are interested in, study the profile of the key players and then jump on the train.

  This model or the cloned version of  franchising is used by big organisations to grow their brands while creating wealth for those involved. Why is Dstv or Gotv big? yes! franchising and the cloned version of franchising is the agent close to you. This is a win-win situation.,how about KFC? same story.

  Franchising in agribusiness:  opportunities abound to jump on the train and forget about overcoming inertia issues. #Join the moving train. Lets look at the poultry industry: your dream is to sell processed chicken but dont have funds to start and reach your goal? Look at the giants in the industry, check the group with the widest coverage, check the brands that are on popular demand, visit stores/ malls/do market survey then join the moving train. Start out as a franchise to your chosen brand,and grow the business..


 Dr.Henrietta Ojuri, Value chain strategist.

 You still have the dream to start your own brand? it gets better. Learn the ropes while selling another brand, accumulate wealth and come up with a new product also in the poultry value chain that popped up as a business idea from feedback from customers. The time to use the network you have created to increase your net worth is here. 

 Franchising in agribusiness : 1) reduce start up cost. 2) Labor is reduced. 3) cost of production is zero. 4) Cost advertisement is reduced. The company already has web presence, usually your shop address will just be included in the... available at following outlets. You will just link that to your own page and in comes customers with cash.

 Franchising in agribusiness is profitable but the franchisee must be innovative to ride on the brand's success.

 How can investors in agribusiness use this model to empower youths while expanding the brand?  join me next time.

Monday, May 3, 2021

Agricultural franchising : leveraging on franchising to build your business.

 Franchising, this model grants an individual rights to sell their goods or services under a registered brand identity. This model allows an entrepreneur jump on the success train by starting a business  with a successful brand,thus cutting the rigors of starting a new business, a new brand. 

 Franchising is leveraging on an already established brand to start a business and its a win-win model. The franchisor uses this model as a growth strategy to expand brand while the franchisee is joining a successful brand, riding on the brand's network.

 Agricultural franchising, leveraging on this model to grow your brand by establishing global networks.Agricultural franchising will create better opportunities for empowerment while creating brand awareness in every nook and crannies .Agricultural franchising using the lean startup model will create greater coverage within a short time.

 Agricultural franchising  is a viable model in value chain creation and expansion. It allows various individuals to find a niche in the value chain, locate a  successful key player in the niche and start a franchise.


 Dr. Henrietta Ojuri, value chain strategist.

Agricultural franchising in the context of the red meat value chain. Interested in the red meat value chain,but dont  have  money to own an abattoir or livestock hubs? Look at how you can key in, using the franchising model.

 There are registered meat shops with branded products, from traceable abattoirs. An investor interested in the  red meat value chain can hook up with these brands and start a franchise in another part of town. The advantages of starting a franchise in the meat mart niche is as follows: 

1) low  startup cost . 2) building business on an established brand identity 3) potential for expansion of business. 

  To be continued.

Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Nutrition: Schools as a system to improve nutrition.

 Education they say is the game changer, schools are usually not defined as a closed space but as a  platform to weave different ideas while impacting knowledge.

   Schools can be physical or virtual but the concept is the  same, impact knowledge : show your students how its done. When you want to disseminate information,introduce a new concept or rejig the mindset of a community, take the campaign to schools.

   When you want to improve nutrition, change to  healthier diets then schools are the platforms you need. This will definitely create a ripple effect as kids will give feedback to parents when they get back home. 

 We are all familiar with the phrase " our aunty ( assistant teachers) said" or" my teacher said" then you know you are about to be schooled.

  Schools create the necessary interactive platform to reach the target audience to improve nutrition. How do we start? Education about different classes of foods using play cards. Engaging students on different classes of foods, functions in body and the common sources of these classes of foods.

   The use of story boards,games especially crosswords  will send the message home perfectly. The use of game boards as well as animated works showcasing under -consumption, over -consumption and non-consumption of the different classes of foods. The session can be rounded off by introduction of different nutritious meals that are balanced and available in the locality.

  The school feeding programme is a  great platform  to provide one nutritious meal a day, but can also be used as an educative platform to teach about nutritious meals using different classes of food. Do you want kids to love veggies? then incorporate delicious meals using veggies in the feeding programme.

 An egg a day keeps the  doctor away, eggs are super foods. The use of eggs in the school feeding programme is a  nutritious advantage, but using powdered eggs in the school programme is a  way of introducing this  to communities and also empower small holder farmers.




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