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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Lagos set to sanitize the red meat value chain.(Lagos meat reform)

The Lagos State Government is poised to improve the red meat value by implementing a 3-pronged strategy called A.T.M. This refers to specific interventions in various sectors of the value chain to ensure only wholesome beef is sold to the populace. The A=abattoir, where its mandatory to get a certificate of fitness and wholesomeness accompanied with a meat receipt for every carcass. The registered abattoirs are graded into 3 categories:the A,B and C. The A grade is the fully mechanized line, the B is the semi mechanized line while the C is the conventional floor slaughtering. The T= transportation: only refrigerated Eko meat vans are authorized to move carcasses to markets. This is ensure that carcasses get to markets in hygienic conditions. The M= market, where beef is sold in clean hygienic markets with properly kitted butchers. The aim of the project is to 1)Promote the red meat value chain by providing wholesome and hygienically processed beef for the populace. 2)To boost beef processing to international standards to facilitate export opportunities and foreign investment into the value chain. The purpose is to ensure food safety and improve the health of the populace by ensuring only certified animals are slaughtered to make wholesome beef available in our markets. Lagos set to sanitize the red meat value chain.(Lagos meat reform) The implementation of the strategies will be grouped as immediate, intermediate and long term. Lagos wants to redefine the red meat value chain by standardizing its slaughtering, processing and marketing to ensure wholesome beef is available and that products are traceable.Linking of approved slaughter houses and abattoirs to the markets being supplied through the Eko refrigerated meat vans. Implementation: 1) Abattoirs supplying various markets are identified and classified using the meat vans. 2) Butchers in such abattoirs are identified, linked to the market they supply using a color tag/code(meat receipt). 3)Butchers are issued veterinary meat hygiene certificate for health and wholesomeness after inspection of carcass by veterinary officers. 4) Butchers are given certificates with meat receipts for their respective vendors. 5) The butchers / vendors with certificates and receipt load products into coded Eko refrigerated meat vans en route to specified markets.

Friday, October 25, 2019


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