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Sunday, November 19, 2017

How to maintain hooves and limb health in pigs.

How to maintain hooves and limb health in pigs. 1) Maintain and control floor quality in pens. Remove sharp edges (or file sharp edges when necessary).Ensure the correct slat width in slatted floors Keep the floors non-slippery by providing dry and clean resting areas. 2) Minimize social and hierarchy clashes.Introduce husbandry solutions that will prevent hierarchy clashes.Provide sufficient pen space and free space per number of animals. 3) Integrate gilts ready for reproduction. 4)Follow correct cleaning and disinfection procedures. 5) Set up hospital pens for diseased sows.Clean and disinfect areas where sick sows are kept, disinfect wounds and bathe hooves in copper sulphate solution. 6)Do proper hoof trimming. 7)Adjust the nutrition for physiological requirements of sows; when needed, additional supplementation may be introduced..

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