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Friday, June 7, 2013

Rabies, the neglected zoonosis.

Hello, pet lovers.I want to talk about RABIES ,a neglected zoonosis. What is Rabies?. This is a viral disease causing encephalitis in warm blooded animals.IT is zoonotic, meaning it is transmitted from animals to man. Rabies in man is a result of close contact with a rabid animal such as dogs,cats, bats, foxes, raccoons e.t.c. The rabies virus is in the saliva and urine of infected animals. The virus can be transmitted through bites of rabid animals, scratches, contamination of wounds with infected saliva, or mucosa contamination. 95% of human deaths occur in Africa and Asia, where 1/2 of those bitten are children under 10 years of age. The control of human rabies is linked to the eradication of rabies in animals. The prevalence of rabies is high in developing countries, poor underdeveloped countries because they dont seek medical care when bitten by rabid animals. The risk is also high in all these countries because of high population of stray dogs, increase contact of man with wild animals as man encroaches into the habitats of these reservoirs of the virus in the wild. In Nigeria, the reservoir hosts are dogs, cats , monkeys and to have a rabies free country , we advocate vaccination of our pets, and pre exposure vaccination for health workers @ risk such as vet, animal health professionals, animal handlers e.t.c. What do you do when bitten by a rabid dog? 1) wash site of bite with soap and water, continuously for 10 to 15 mins, Wash under running water. 2) Pour antiseptic such as dettol or alcohol based solutions such as after shave lotion on site, to kill the virus @ site of bite. 3) Go to the clinic, and get the post exposure shots of the anti rabies vaccine. 4) Report the case to animal health agency nearest to you. A report is important to the vet hospital nearest to you, so that other steps as regards the dog can be taken, the dog must be quarantined for at least 10 days to ascertain if dog is truly rabid. The treatment protocol depends on certain factors such as, 1) has the victim been exposed to pre exposure vaccination.2) what is the status of the dog. Most people dont take pre exposure vaccination against rabies, so the bite site must be infiltrated with a RABIES IMMUNOGLOBULIN, before the anti rabies vaccination commences. Treatment protocol. (NO prior vaccination) 1) wash site of bite, and in filtrate wound with the rabies immunoglobulin vaccine. 2) The anti rabies vaccine is administered on day 0, 3, 7, 14 and 28 days. when a person has had pre exposure vaccination of the anti rabies vaccine, do the following. 1) wash site of bite but dont infiltrate wound site with the rabies immunoglobulin. 2) the antirabies vaccination is given on day 0 and 3 , just 2 shots of the vaccine. Day 0 signifies the day you start the vaccine administration, which should be the day of bite, as delay can be fatal. Rabies though deadly can be prevented, vaccinate your pets today. LAGOS AWAKE, LAGOS AWAKE, LAGOS AWAKE, LETS KICK RABIES OUT NOW.