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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Feeding pigs with proteins from the sea.

Feeding pigs with proteins from the sea.In the search for alternative protein sources, it may be a very good idea to look towards the sea for inspiration. These are the benefits of ingredients like blue mussels, starfish and seaweed. Everybody agrees that it is likely that someday, there will be a shortage of protein to feed livestock in order to fulfil the expected big increase in the demand for meat for human consumption. This issue create a need to search for new sustainable protein sources, which can lead to local or at least European self-sufficiency. As from the beginning of 2018, the organic pig and poultry producers will face a challenge of having sufficient amounts of organic protein. In this context, blue protein, such as blue mussels, starfish, and seaweed may fit well as future feedstuffs, because they solve important challenges for the industry and society. Blue mussels can be grown on lines where the naturally occurring mussel larvae colonise ropes or plastic tubes or nets as of late spring. They filter the seawater for algae and can be harvested year round and already from the first coming winter, preferably before the risk of ice coverage. When mussels are harvested, they need to be processed to allow storage.

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