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Sunday, May 31, 2015


Chicken raised with atovi premix lay for longer periods,eggs are big with thick shells and best of all no antibiotics.The immune system is enhanced so they dont succumb to bacteria,viruses or fungi infection.The feed is properly metabolized and absorbed resulting in proper utilization of feed with no undigested protein in feces resulting in odorless waste.The result is less consumption of feed with rapid growth of birds , and attainment of market weight faster. Eggs are essential for growth and development especially in children,buy eggs that give nutrients and add value. USE ATOVI PREMIX.


Antibiotic residue in animal by products such as eggs are a global concern especially with the "superbugs effect".The process of rearing animals on a commercial level has come under attack because of the impact on the health of man.The production process from farm to table is laced with use of antibiotics ,growth hormones and anticoccidial drugs,which impact negatively on the consumers. Antibiotic residue in animals has been identified as the key factor for proliferation of antibiotic resistant bacteria resulting in several deaths especially in children and women.The residues in animal tissues have also been fingered as the reason for increase cases of obesity,diabetes,cancer ,kidney and liver diseases and early attainment of sexual maturity in children. The additives in animal feed with its negative impact on health has been a debate and several countries opting out of the use,with many buying animals reared only on home grown feed,more and more people buying organic products and very many others purchasing from farmers/organizations with better production method. The rearing of animals can be a mind bogging experience if the proper management technique are not employed, and products churned out will definitely be different. Eggs; a major by-product from poultry has come under scrutiny with many scholars advocating the incorporation into diet and some others criticizing this because of " cholesterol" level but the fact is "an egg a day does keep the doctors away." Eggs are of immense benefits, they provide the body with essential vitamins and minerals e.t.c( read more about egg benefits at The eggs produced from chicken raised on antibiotic laden techniques cannot deliver any nutrient to the consumer,rather its a vehicle for antibiotic resistant bacteria to proliferate. An egg is really not an egg on its own,rather an egg is the sum total of what you feed your chicken,hence your practice impacts your products. Chicken raised with Atovi premix have the following benefits; the poultry house has no foul odor,the chicken are big without fat and skin is smooth and crispy, the eggs are bigger with thick shells and no antibiotic residue.The atovi ensures natural detoxification and expulsion of harmful compounds such as synthetic drugs,natural poison and antibiotics on cellular level which ensures that eggs and poultry are free of residues.The digestive system is energized and it ensures proper absorption of nutrient and total utilization which results in odorless waste due to absence of undigested protein in the feces. The birds have greater stamina,they dont succumb to diseases because of there energized cells that enhances their immune system. Farms where Atovi is used have zero cost on medication which is a real advantage especially in outbreak cases of bird flu,the birds wont contract the virus. Eggs are essential for development especially for children so ensure you are buying eggs of chicken raised without antibiotics.

Saturday, May 30, 2015


Fish health refers to the wholeness of the fish, in terms of physiological conditions and environmental factors.The health of the fish depends largely on the conditions of the water,the feed and management. Fish should be placed in optimum conditions to prevent stress which leads to death and economic losses. Stress for the fish refers to conditions that prevents the attainment of normal physiological state,the causes of stress are chemical, biological,physical and procedural. Chemical stress factors include; poor water quality,low dissolved oxygen,pollutants (such as pesticides,oil spills,soap e.t.c),nitrogenous wastes and accumulation of ammonia. These stressors can be prevented by better management practices hence saving the fish. The incorporation of Atovi animal premix in fish farming has a 2-prong effect; it acts on the fish energizing the mitochondria ,which affects all the organs of the fish making them more efficient.The powder revitalizes and rejuvenates the cells and enhances the immune system ,this results in better absorption of feed because the atovi powder maintains and corrects the digestive system. The Atovi powder also works on the water itself ; it prevents the build up of hydrogen sulfide in the pond which is a major cause of fish death . The powder energizes the water,resulting in rapid breakdown of ammonia waste and other pollutants in the water,thus making more oxygen available for the fish.It aids oxygenation of the pond, maintains a steady PH and the amount of dissolved gases in the pond. Atovi powder benefits in fish farming include; early harvest , reduced feed cost, bigger fish and high livability of fish and zero cost of medication. The powder is also of immense benefit in ponds experiencing losses,when its used the deteriorating fish health are reversed,fish are rejuvenated and regenerated because of enhanced metabolism and immune system. ATOVI PREMIX............a paradigm shift in fish farming.

Friday, May 29, 2015


Waste water contains organic materials and nutrients, as well as pollutants and microorganisms that are harmful to humans and wildlife. which is the reason, all waste water treatment plants are designed to take advantage of the decomposition of organic materials by bacterial activity. Bacteria break down this organic material to obtain energy and building material for cell growth. The primary treatment involves physical removal of debris and large particles from the waste water; once at the plant, it enters one of two pumping stations. Sewage enters a large vat, where powerful pumps convey it into stilling basins and as the waste water flows past, mechanical augers grind up large debris and filter it out for disposal. The next step ; waste water enters grit removal tanks where sand, gravel and seeds settle to the bottom by gravity. The waste water then flows into the primary settling basins, where smaller particles settle out and mechanical devices skim off oil and solids that float to the top. When the removal of large particles and solids are done, the waste water flows into aeration basins where it is constantly stirred to help introduce oxygen and promote bacterial growth. This process is the secondary treatment and the mass of bacterial cells generated is called activated sludge. The beneficial bacteria will clean the water by digesting organic materials and other contaminants present in the waste water, consuming oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide. The waste water treatment plant will end up with a large amount of activated sludge (bacterial cell mass). The activated sludge (concentrated) will be placed in a large anaerobic digester designed to further treat the sludge using anaerobic bacteria. The result is not that satisfying because of the fact that harmful (anaerobic) bacteria can dominate the environment and in their decomposition process, produce hydrogen sulfide gas and similar by-products, this is the major cause of death in fish tanks. Where beneficial bacteria will be eliminated because they also die in toxins. The use of Atovi powder makes all the beneficial bacteria present in the waste water charged with high micro potential energy, making them strong and immune against any pollutants or toxins. The technology promotes regeneration of super strong beneficial bacteria thus, neutralizing harmful microorganisms through the process of competitive inhibition and competitive exclusion. The result is fully treated clean water, without traces of any chemicals, metals, toxins and bad bacteria. When the water turns green, it is a sign that marine ecosystem has been restored and it’s now suitable for fish and crustaceans culture. The use of atovi powder is of immense advantage in water plant and fish farming.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Dogs # enhanced performance# accelerated growth.

The use of atovi in dog feed enhances growth and performance.

Atovi and dogs.

Atovi, a premix used to enhance growth of animals and also useful to grow food crops.The use of atovi in pigs and poultry has resulted in production of odorless waste because the feed is completely metabolized,hence no undigested protein in feces. Atovi use greatly reduces the cost of feed,as more of nutrients are metabolized the animal needs less feed.The use of medicated feed is unnecessary because the atovi powder energizes the cells of the animal by enhancing the mitochondrial pump,thus making the cells very efficient.The cells now rejuvenated and automatically regenerate and restore sickly or deteriorated cells.The rejuvenated cells enhance immune system,and antibodies hence the body is able to fight off any infection. The use in dogs have increased litter size,weight and performance of dogs.Dogs with unthrifty conditions,lameness,skin conditions,weight loss and inappetence have recovered after incorporating in feed. The use for dogs in shows has also been established as more and more breeder and dog lovers are using this,look at how Atovi Powder changed this dog;
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Tuesday, May 26, 2015


VETERINARY MEDICINE: MANGE IN RABBIT. Mange in rabbit is caused by mite infestation.This tiny creatures burrow into skin,ear and feet region resulting in crusty scabs .There are patches of hair loss on coat resulting in bald areas. VETERINARY MEDICINE: MANGE IN RABBIT. The mite infestation results in unthrifty condition in the rabbit because of constant scratching and pulling of affected areas,there is loss of weight and in severe condition fluids oozing out of scratched areas ,this predisposes the rabbit to secondary bacteria infection. VETERINARY MEDICINE: MANGE IN RABBIT. Treatment include use of ivermectin, i find the oral route very effective.When condition is severe with oozing fluid,the areas are cleaned,give ivermectin and antibiotics. I usually spray affected regions with coconut oil,this suffocates the mites,prevents further burrowing and hasten healing process. VETERINARY MEDICINE: MANGE IN RABBIT.The ivermectin is dosed 3 times ; day 0,14 and 28 days the ivermectin kills mites and also deworms the rabbit.Hygiene is important when raising rabbits,the hutch/cages should be cleaned ,the drains and housing environment must be cleaned regularly .

Sunday, May 24, 2015


An integrated farm in Nueva Ecija has successfully produced over 2,000 pigs for fattening and nearly 500,000 broilers that all grew up healthy and resistant to diseases without using antibiotics and vaccines despite the prevalence of animal health problems in Central Luzon simply because of an additive that results in odorless manure in the piggery and poultry. The hogs and chickens at Aries Villa Farm in Barangay San Fernando Norte, Cabiao, eat corn-soybean meal-based diet like those raised in typical swine and broiler farms. And while they consume lesser amount of feeds, they gain weight and grow up eight to 15 percent faster than those raised in conventional farms, thereby assuring their owners higher income and a higher rate of return on investment simply because of ODORLESS MANURE IN POULTRY AND PIGGERY. The animals also produces waste that is relatively fewer, drier and odorless. This makes it unnecessary to install expensive waste water treatment facility since the pig droppings do not smell, only a little amount of water is needed to clean the pig pens, thereby saving a lot of precious water in the farm especially during drought and prolonged dry season. The odorless manure is also collected for conversion into highly superior organic fertilizer for various crops, or reprocessed further to become top quality yet low-priced feeds for aquaculture. What makes all this possible and what’s the secret behind the farm in Nueva Ecija? ATOVI,THE MAGIC PREMIX. The animals are given this premix and they produce better products and increase farmers profit. Start today,use atovi for better yield.

Saturday, May 23, 2015



Animal production has taken a dramatic turn with the advent of antibiotic resistant bacteria,increase in cancer,obesity and early attainment of puberty in children. All these have been traced to animal husbandry; it is a known fact that more producers feed animals with antibiotic laden feed and growth hormones and these have resultant effects on consumers. People are kicking against the use of chemicals,antibiotics and medicated feed in production process,this has lead to search for more natural solutions which healthy benefits. Atovi is one of such alternatives; its a premix which when fed to animals enhances their immune system thus preventing diseases,it increases growth rate with high muscle mass,increases egg yield and size,it increases the rate of feed absorption thus ensuring better utilization of feed. The odor of feces of poultry birds are eliminated because of proper feed utilization,thus making management of poultry waste easy. The animals are not susceptible to diseases,thus reducing cost of production in terms of drug usage. Atovi has also found uses in growing of plant and food crops.Seeds to be planted are prep with atovi to energize them,prevent pest infestation and also enhance growth and yield of crops.Animal breeders also use the atovi to increase litter size, ensure high birth weight of pups and survival index. Atovi indeed is miracle supplement used all over the world to enhance performance of plants and animals naturally. Use atovi and increase production rate naturally,call for yours today.

Thursday, May 21, 2015


Incubators are handy machines in breeding farms whether commercial or small scale production. The incubators are of various types such as manual and electric, and in various sizes ranging from small to big sizes.The effectiveness of the incubator is hinged on proper temperature and humidity control,this determines the success rate of hatching the eggs. Incubation is not restricted to only chicken but other birds raised for commercial purposes such as quail,ostrich and turkey.The key to choosing an effective incubator depends on size of eggs and number of eggs and reliability of regulation of temperature and humidity.Many farmers have added incubation of eggs as part of their production to earn extra income.Raising birds starts from a proven parent stock but the handling of eggs in incubators and first few days after hatching determines the overall success of the production. Thinking of hatching birds for a living? choose the right incubator!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


The peacock is the male pheasant bird with beautiful plumage which he uses to attracts the female( peahen) during courtship.The common ones are the Indian types with beautiful blue feathers, the females are not as brightly colored as the male and the female choose their mate based on the size of the train,and colorful display. These birds are quite easy to manage,feeding mainly on grains,leafy vegetables or commercial feed and the birds must have cool clean water .The birds are a beauty to behold, they can be kept for ornamental purposes or raised for breeding purposes.The peafowl attains sexual maturity at about 2 years of age,and the male is used at about 3-4 years when they have fully developed train to ensure high fertility rate. The peafowl lays eggs and tends them alone,but in cases of commercial breeding the eggs can be set in the incubator. The birds can be raised in living areas,but the perimeter must be predator proof.The birds thrive properly in grassy areas with plants and flower,they make great house pets. The peacock............lovely to wake up to the beauty of this bird every morning.

Monday, May 18, 2015


Geese are beautiful birds ,they are reared for meat . These birds are easy to manage and are territorial in nature. This instinct makes them good security agents. Dogs ,parrot,llamas and geese are some of the animals that have been explored as security agents The geese have been used as security agents in China; their honking alert sound,fluttering raised feathers and pecking intruders are the methods they use. The geese are easy to manage;basically raised on grains and greens for meat but have found usefulness in security of property. The geese raise an alarm when an intruder approaches,and attacks when you invade their territory: geese beautiful but can be quite "honky" . Raising geese for meat is of economic value,and inexpensive venture that pays gives good income. Start today! raise geese at home its an opportunity to make money from home.

Veterinary Medicine: Diabetic alert dogs.

Diabetic alert dogs are of immense benefit in type 1 diabetes patients where fluctuation of glucose are monitored regularly.The type 1 diabetes is autoimmune,where the body cells of the patient destroy the cells that produce insulin hence high levels of glucose are in the blood stream which will damage organs in the body if not normalized. The type 1 diabetic patients are constantly monitoring the blood glucose using glucose meter and other gadgets to detect these blood changes, now a days diabetic alert dogs are used because they can pick up these changes before the meter. The dogs are trained to detect scent changes in the body of patients,the dogs can pick up scents such as fruity gum in cases of hyperglycemia and scents of nail polish removal in cases of hypoglycemia. Fluctuations in blood glucose could be fatal if immediate remedy is not instituted. This is why the companionship with diabetic alert dogs is a life saving association. These dogs are efficient because they are properly trained and highly effective.

Dog training 102. # sit # stay # come.

The benefits of training your pup can not be overemphasized,the success at training will determine the usefulness of your dog and the level of communication he can have with you .other dogs and other people.Dogs can be put to use in various ways based on the training they acquire and the trait of the breed,you cant expect a toy dog or a lab dog to be an effective security dog. The various breeds of dogs have found usefulness in various industry,but these functions are built on basic commands such as fetch,sit,come and fetch. Dogs can be trained to do so many stuff, but dedication and commitment of trainer/owner is key to success of this exercise.The sit command can be taught using this method; 1)place your left hand on rear of dog. 2)place your right hand under her chin and command "sit" 3)motioning the dog downwards by applying pressure on the rear end and say "sit". The dog will sit,then you praise the dog..........good boy. This should be practiced for 10 minutes once or twice a day for about 5 days. It is essential to state that during training all the other commands that the dog has been taught will be used at interval. The "come" command is easy and your pup should pick it up immediately, 1) Call the pup to you by his name. 2) say come command ,and gently motion the dog towards you using the leash,he responds by moving towards you.Praise him and repeat until his response is flawless. The next command is the "stay" 1) call dog to you,make him sit by you. 2)then say "stay",and move around slowly to face him. 3)stay there for a few seconds and then return to his side. 4) praise him.and practice twice a day for 3 days until response is perfect. Training requires patience and dedication,dont try to rush your pup or get angry with him,be gentle but emphatic when you say the command.

Sunday, May 17, 2015


Seizure-Alert Dogs seizure-alert dogs can detect an oncoming seizure in people and warn them so they can take precautions. The people with epilepsy or other convulsive disorders use a seizure-alert dog to make a difference between a normal life and isolation. The dogs pick up changes in patients body which could be subtle changes in behavior or odor or it could be something different altogether. Seizure-alert dogs have to be tested for the ability before they can be trained as service dogs. Reports suggest the ability can develop over time in dogs living with people who suffer from seizures. However, some dogs reliably alert to seizures by whining, pawing, pacing, or barking persistently. They can serve as canine early warning systems, giving the seizing person time to take medication or lie down in a safe place. Both seizure-alert dogs and seizure-response dogs (service dogs that don’t alert before a seizure) are trained to do many other helpful things. They might get help, activate an alarm during an episode, or fetch a telephone. The seizure alert dogs are a necessity for seizure patients as their presence draws the line between death and life. Train your dog today.

The German shepherd at work.

Dog tricks.

Army crawling is a fun trick to teach to your dog that helps him improve his physical fitness. Some dogs will begin to crawl without training when attempting to sneak onto the couch or hoover up crumbs from the carpet. Start by commanding your dog to lie down. Hold a treat firmly between your fingers so that your dog can smell and lick the treat but cannot take it from your hand. Hold the treat in front of your dog’s nose, and slowly drag it along the floor. As soon as your dog crawls just a few feet, praise him, and give him the treat. If the dog stands up to take the treat, quickly take it away, and start again from the beginning. Try to get your dog to crawl for a slightly longer distance each time. Once he has mastered the trick, command your dog to lie down when he is at least 10 – 15 feet away, and then get him to crawl towards you. read more tricks at


The German shepherd has been used as military dogs since the world war,and have played various roles in service to mankind.The various roles played by dogs have increased with new responsibilities been thrown towards the dog to serve man effectively. The German shepherd are strong,intelligent,protective and very lovable,but the trait that makes them so useful is their instinct.The physical and mental traits of intelligence,endurance,size and strength are better harnessed by training.Training the German shepherd has integrated them into everyday living of man and protection of the environment.The usefulness of the German shepherd is evident in the fact that they are the most used breed in our world; they are used in the police section of the force where they are patrol dogs,guard dogs , and service dogs. In the army,naval sections,they are part of the armed forces squad(k9) squad they go on war missions where they work hand in hand with officers .They are used to sniff around for bombs,mine field and attack in the enemy territory. These dogs have also found therapeutic uses, they are used in hospitals especially for children and elderly to calm them and make them respond to treatment and recover early. These dogs also are useful for management of stress and traumatic disorders. The German shepherd are useful in diabetic wards where they work as diabetic alert dogs. The dogs are also used in cancer detection in cancer patients,they also work as blind and hearing dogs for the blind and deaf. The German shepherd were used as herding dogs in the early days,but this instinct has been channeled to train them as rescue dogs useful in cases of disasters such as earthquakes,floods and collapse. The strength,intelligence and loyalty of the German shepherd makes them suitable as guard dogs for homes,banks and personal security,more and more people are shelling out large chunks of money to purchase and train their dogs. Training the German shepherd is essential as the dog has innate traits to work and this energy must be channeled to a specified task to get the very best out of your pet. Train your pet today.

Saturday, May 16, 2015


Dogs have a well developed olfactory receptors,making it possible for the canine to pick up various scents that humans cant detect.The canine has about 220 million olfactory receptors while humans have about 5 -10 million olfactory receptors.This highly developed olfactory functions is the reason behind the sniff-detection ability of dogs.The odor processing part of the necocortex of the dog brain is large about 4 times more than humans,this has been employed in dog training. Dogs are trained to sniff out drugs,bombs, changes in glucose levels in diabetic patient and recently they sniff samples or organs for cancer. The dog is really intelligent,protective but more importantly the genetic make up of their noses make the sniffing ability a key in its training and subsequent usefulness.The dogs are trained using various samples from cancer patients,and with 5-6 weeks of sniffing various samples the dogs are 98% accurate.This early detection improves prognosis of the cancer patient as treat is commenced immediately. Read more how this is done at


Training your dogs to fetch is a basic command which is essential for dog -human interaction. Training a dog to fetch......follow this tips; Teaching your pup "FETCH"; 1)sit on the floor 2)get a toy such as a ball,bone or newspaper,toss it around,up and down to get his attention. 3)then throw the toy a short distance and say "FETCH",encourage pup to go get it by motioning the leash. 4)when he responds praise him and bring him back to you using the leash. 5)do this once or twice a day for 5 minutes. Dogs are useful in various ways and the fetch command is the tie in all their numerous activities. Dog owners can teach their dogs to fetch various items depending on what you want to achieve. Dogs love playing fetch see how they run and retrieve the objects, some dogs also play fetch on their own watch here at,d.ZGU


Training starts at an early age for pups and spans short periods of time in the day.The training should be done when your pup is most active and dont try to rush too many lessons/tricks or you end up frustrated.There are 2 important words your pup must learn at an early age,these are his name and" NO".When you choose a name for your pet,he must learn it, this you do by calling that name and gently stroking the coat, then you move away from pup and call the name motioning him towards you. This is continued for a while until pup responds immediately,with that settled you move to" NO" COMMAND.When you see your pup doing what you dont like or what is naughty you shout "NO"firmly, and stop him from continuing the action and turn your back to him,then wait until he shows good behavior and praise him. Pup training on basic commands are essential to help you interact with your pup and ease everyday working activities,these training are for short periods a day about 10-20 mins at a time,but it must be consistent to get the pup used to the training.It will take at least 3- 4 days for the pup to learn new commands,but each will be reinforced as training progresses with other commands.The pup should wear his collar with a leash attached for easy control,but the leash is removed at the end of training. Teaching your pup "FETCH"; 1)sit on the floor 2)get a toy such as a ball,bone or newspaper,toss it around,up and down to get his attention. 3)then throw the toy a short distance and say "FETCH",encourage pup to go get it by motioning the leash. 4)when he responds praise him and bring him back to you using the leash. 5)do this once or twice a day for 5mins. The fetch command is so important and basic for pup training,as this will allow pup to be accustomed to your voice.The fetch command can be modified at anytime to suit owner's needs. Bennet is an Australian dog ; the owner taught him to fetch beer and

Friday, May 15, 2015


This lion like dog is the most expensive pooch in the world though a big dog ,its category is small breed..The dog is intelligent,strong and very protective. The dog is favored because of its lion-look and protection instincts.

Thursday, May 14, 2015


Potty training your dog is very important to your relationship and successful house training suggests that obedience training will be successful.There will be no benefit if your dog can sit or do the fetch command if she messes up the house regularly. Dogs are clean animals and generally they dont like to mess up their house ,they just need to understand where the toilet is ,and you have to pick up signs that she needs to use the toilet and then you act. House training is important yet very simple it all depends on your vigilance;if you are not successful at potty training your dog, obedience training cannot be a success. Dogs are clean and generally dont like messing up in the living quarters,you just have to let the dog know the designated toilet area. The training starts at puppyhood and you must be very vigilant, and get used to picking up warning signals such as; sniffing the floor,sitting by the door,walking in circles and giving you the "look" that she wants to relieve herself.The puppy needs to go to the toilet quite often so you watch out at these times; 1) after eating. 2)after play or exercise. 3) first thing in the morning, and immediately after a nap. 4)after any excitement. 5)last thing at night. The potty times are highlighted now watch for your dooggy signs and then you act, what you do at this time will make or mar the training. What to do when puppy wants to relieve herself; 1)quickly place the pup on a newspaper on the floor. 2) gradually you move the newspaper to the door. 3)until its outside the door, in a few days. 4)when paper is outside,place at your designated toilet area. 5) then take your dog outside to this area when she wakes up, after a meal at any other times she indicates she needs to relieve herself. The pup will learn to go there automatically, then the house is clean.Crate training speeds up house training,its another option.The dog will learn chosen words when relieving herself,this will encourage her to go quickly and at specific times.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Dog training has awesome benefits ranging from health to security to wellness to rescue to drug detection and also for fun. Dog training ranging from obedience,to protection and fun skills, the police force use these dogs on most of their operations.Training starts early but the benefits last a lifetime. The police force and dog training....see how the dogs respond simply awesome. Dog training ; start today.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Dog training has been employed by dog owners over the years to manage and control their dogs. Training a dog is a means of communication between pet and owner,the needs of dog owners have increased over the years hence the training have been up scaled to accommodate new needs. Dogs are trained to be guard dogs for protection, trained as diabetic alert dogs, trained for rescue operations in disasters such as earthquakes,building collapse,land slides e.t.c., dogs are also trained to sniff out hard drugs, illegal goods such as elephant tusk and rhino horns.Dogs can also detect prostate cancer, the K9 unit in the force also boasts of trained dogs that are of value in war and everyday routine police duties. Dog training has gone way past obedience ,socialization and circus stuff,the training has gone high profile. The super rich in the society now seek protection from dogs,ditching their human body guards.The dogs have taken up so many roles and task that were reserved for humans, and are doing a great job. Dog trainer hits it big sells a dog for 230,000 dollars, and many super-richy are asking for more................... Get a German shepherd today and get the dog trained. All breeds can be trained but your breed choice must match purpose. Read how a trainer made cool 230,000 off his dog and still @ The $230,000 security system—kibble not included

Monday, May 11, 2015

AGRIBUSINESS : How to choose dogs.

Dogs are man's best friend,friendly and helpful in more ways that you know.Dogs are of various breeds,sizes and perform various functions. The German shepherd is friendly,intelligent and confident.The German shepherd is ready to protect,play and perform assigned task, the well trained German shepherd is a life-saver.The German shepherd properly trained are used in various capacities such as guard dogs,therapeutic dogs,K9 squad ,diabetic alert dogs and rescue dogs. The German shepherd with perfect training are the best body guards ever, the intelligence of the dogs makes them easy to train, their fierce nature makes their task super-easy and their lovable disposition makes them the best body guard ever.The German shepherd is good with children, showing love and affection ,this trait has been used with success with children with autism. Dogs are trained not only for protection,but also for health benefits as in the case of diabetic alert dogs.Diabetic alert dogs sense / pick up signals in the body of diabetic patients when glucose level drops and are able to alert patients to take medication.Dogs also help calm patients with high blood pressure. A study by the American heart foundation,it was discovered that stockbrokers with high blood pressure who were given dogs experienced less surge in blood pressure when they are stressed compared to patients with same conditions but without dogs. Canine companionship is good and relaxing,well trained dogs have robust personalities,visit people in hospitals,retirement homes and orphanages. Training a dog is an asset that comes with various benefits,according to Newyork times see how a trained dog fetched its owners 230,000 DOLLARS: Guard dogs have long been used as a form of personal security, but they have now become a status symbol for the rich and famous. Julia, an elite guard dog, also known as an "executive protection dog," was purchased by her owner for the steep price of $230,000. Julia and her ilk have some of the same tracking and fighting skills as the dogs used in elite military units like Navy Seal Team 6, which took a dog on its successful raid of Osama bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan. In fact, Julia was sold by a trainer, Harrison Prather, who used to supply dogs to Seal Team 6 and the British special forces. But then Mr. Prather switched to a more lucrative market. He and others in the high-end dog training business say prices have shot up thanks to the growing number of wealthy people around the world who like the security — and status — provided by a dog with the right credentials. Moguls and celebrities now routinely pay $40,000 to $60,000 for a well-bred German shepherd that is certified as an expert in the sport of Schutzhund, which means “protection dog.” The price can go much higher if a dog does well at an international championship, as Julia did.