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Monday, November 20, 2017

How to make money with pig farming.

Pigs are mono gastric animals usually bred for commercial purposes. The raising of pigs is for reproduction, fatten and sale.pigs properly managed and housed in a clean environment reproduce at a fast rate and bring about good return on investment. .How to make money with pig farming. There are various breeds of pigs available such as land race,large white,Duroc and Hampshire. The indigenous breeds available have been crossed over time with exotic breeds such that some of their traits are passed down. The cross with indigenous breeds ensures that the pigs are hardy and are stable in this environment.Pigs must be chosen for high productivity, sexual soundness, rapid growth,good mothering ability and excellent health and breeding soundness. Selection of stock. When setting up a farm, your stock must be chosen from proven sources with excellent health and breeding records. Boars, to be chosen must be from a sow with high reproductive capacity at least 8 -10 piglets/litter. How to make money with pig farming.Money

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