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Saturday, November 18, 2017

How to establish and maintain a mange-free pig populations.

How to establish and maintain a mange-free pig populations.The establishment and maintenance of mange-free herds is achieved by three important facts: 1) Piglets are born free of mites. 2) Mites are highly host-specific and do not survive long away from their host. 3)Modern treatments are very effective. Mange-free herds can also be established with cesarean piglets, by depopulation and repopulation from mange-free stock, by segregated rearing of treated pigs or by eradication using avermectins and other products. Biosecurity measures that focus on careful scrutiny of incoming stock and sourcing stock from a minimal number of herds are usually adequate to prevent re-introduction of the parasite. Mange control involves identification of animals with chronic mange so that they can receive systematic and regular treatment to protect the younger animals in the herd. All control programmes must target the breeding herd. Any animals with extensive hyperkeratotic lesions in the ears and over the body should be culled and the remainder of the sows treated simultaneously or alternatively in segregated groups prior to farrowing. Contaminated bedding should be removed and the environment sprayed with insecticide. Treat all pigs regularly to prevent a build up of numbers,treat boars every three months and always treat animals twice, 10 to 15 days apart. It is advisable to leave pens empty for three days after infected pigs move out and spray the pen after washing with a mange dressing. =

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