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Thursday, October 18, 2018

Agribusiness: Cassava flakes as nutritious food for Children.

In Nigeria, 37 per cent of children, or 6 million children, are stunted (chronically malnourished or low height for age), more than half of them severely.

In addition, 18 percent of children suffer from wasting (acutely malnourished or low weight for height), half of them severely.

Twenty-nine per cent of children are underweight (both acutely and chronically malnourished or low weight for age), almost half of them severely. (UNICEF.)

  Provision of nutritious foods along side food fortification has been advocated to stop malnutrition in children.

Vitamin A foods have been used to help the children with various food types such as the orange fleshed sweet potato and yellow garri.

Sunday, October 7, 2018

Cassava: benefits of cassava flakes as a fermented food.

Cassava: benefits of garri as a fermented food. Cassava processing involves fermentation which is a plus for gut health. The fermentation process removes the cyanogenic glucosides present in the fresh cassava. This method of processing is also a method of preservation. Cassava undergoes various processing types to yield different products. Fermentation is an important component of the production and has health benefits and implications. Fermentation of cassava is usually of 2 types, the solid state fermentation and the submerged fermentation. The solid state fermentation used by garri producers, uses grated/sliced cassava pieces that are allowed to ferment while pressed in a bag in a natural environment. The submerged fermentation involves the soaking of the whole peeled cassava in water for various periods and this is used by lafun and fufu producers. Cassava is fermented for 4-6 days to allow for maximum detoxification. Cassava: benefits of garri as a fermented food. 1) Fermentation causes release of some bound minerals such as calcium and magnesium. 2)Fermentation improves the digestibility of the food as its already pre-digested by the bacteria during fermentation. 3) Fermented foods are loaded with probiotics which helps to ensure good bacteria proliferation in the gut. 4) Fermented foods help curb sugar cravings, by regulating your microbiome and helping your taste buds to adapt to bitter/sour taste. 5)Fermented foods boost your immune system.

Agribusiness : Echbee garri-shawarma.

Agribusiness : Echbee garri-shawarma. The cassava value chain is an evolving one, with various chains and subsets that is poised to produce wealth alongside nutritious meals. Cassava processing into garri is just a part of the chain while the production of several other nutritious products from garri is the extension of the chain adding more value down the line.Agribusiness : Echbee garri-shawarma. Cassava recipe; how to make shawarma from garri. Cassava recipe, delicious, #nutritious meals/snacks from garri. #c

Monday, October 1, 2018

AGRIBUSINESS : Echbee garri-akara.

AGRIBUSINESS: Echbee garri-akara. The garri-akara from Echbee foods is a delicious ,wholesome recipe made from garri.

 The garri-akara is fashioned after the bean cake but its made from garri  with added ingredients to make a  nutritious meal.

 The common notion  that garri is carbohydrate and can only be eaten with different soups to make a balanced meal or soaked in cold water with nuts to provide a quick meal has been debunked by Echbee foods.

Echbee foods provides nutritious balanced meals using garri.
 Thinking of ending #malnutrition #poverty #hunger then think Echbee Foods we add value to #garri. Thinking of #helping children



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