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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Disease update.

Hello,how is life at your end?Readers have bombarded me with questions,so iwill answer questions for the one week. Ques,1 how do you recognise tuberculous organs and what steps do i take?. Tuberculous organs will appear bigger than normal,cheesy nodules are observed on the surface of the organ or when you cut through the organ,these nodules can be appear aspinpoint,diffused,or localised. The nodules are yellowish and when you cut through there is a gritty sound. The organ should not be consumed. Check the photoalbum at picasa mobile, for photo of tuberculous organ

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hi,how are you?i said the other time, i will take my time on this public health aspect of vet med,as it relates to you directly,and the most common lesion icome across in the abattoir is tuberculosis,iwill like you to go to my picasaweb album in picasamobile and view my album,the user name is and view the posted lesions.