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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Roundup weed killer may play role in widespread bee deaths..

Roundup weed killer may play role in widespread bee deaths, study finds.For the past decade, bee colonies have been dying off in high numbers. A new study suggests the widely used herbicide Roundup may be playing a role. The research, published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, finds that honeybees exposed to glyphosate, the active ingredient in the Monsanto weed killer, lose some of the beneficial bacteria in their guts, thereby becoming more susceptible to infection and death from harmful bacteria.


CASSAVA MORE PROFITABLE THAN CORN. Cyril Cattiling, who owns a six-hectare cassava farm, smiles when discussing how he produces cassava. One secret he agreed to share is how he gives his crop TLC (tender loving care). He believes that with TLC, he and his fellow farmers in Alfonso Lista, Ifugao can have a bountiful cassava harvest. A proud father and husband, Cattiling is a hands-on cassava grower. He is also the president of the Ifugao Tapioca Growers Association (ITGA) and farm manager of the Yao Jia Xi Corporation, which supplies cassava granules to the San Miguel Corporation (SMC). The ITGA started in 2015 to organize all cassava growers in the municipality. It is composed of 75 members. Meanwhile Yao Jia Xi, a farming corporation, gives planting materials to and shares technology with farmers who are members of ITGA. The ITGA sells dried and granulated cassava to the Yao Jia Xi Corporation which then sells the same to SMC, a consistent buyer. Using a solar dryer and granulator for their cassava, the ITGA produces 250 to 300 bags of granulated cassava, which SMC buys for ₱9.70 per kilo Farming has always been Cattiling’s main source of income. He started cassava production in 2012, shifting to it from corn farming. Just like him, his fellow Ifugao farmers were once corn growers. But because of the high production cost of corn, some of them diversified to cassava production. Cassava has better economic benefits. “Cassava [production] offers a better income compared to corn,” said Cattiling, noting that this is true even though cassava is harvested just once a year. One hectare of corn earns him ₱25,000 while cassava gives him ₱130,000 per hectare from a capital of ₱30,000. With good land preparation and available markets, cassava can be profitable Related post: opportunities in garri value chain. Cassava value chain. Agribusiness management with cassava as focus of study.


Echbee cassava flakes made from ordinary garri but fortified with nuts,milk and sugar to provide a healthy wholesome food. Stop #malnutrition. #endpoverty #GAIN #foodsecurity. #cassava #garri.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Agribusiness: bootstrap your way to success.

Agribusiness: bootstrap your way to success.When it comes to business success, Bill Gates is in a league of his own. A Harvard dropout, he (and his partner Paul Allen) built the mega-corporation Microsoft that helped take personal, business, and industrial computing to the masses.

Trump Quietly OK’s Bioengineered Farming on Wildlife Refuges.

Trump Quietly OK’s Bioengineered Farming on Wildlife Refuges. When you think about America’s wildlife refuges, a lush rolling mountain range or untrammeled wetland preserve might come to mind—not a field clouded with industrial weedkillers. There’s a good reason for that: A few years ago, the Obama administration barred two controversial forms of biotechnology on designated wildlife preserves, neonicotinoid pesticides and genetically modified crops, to help the Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) better uphold its public mandate of conservation and wildlife protection. But the Trump administration is seeking to make the country’s wilderness safe for agrichemicals again. In a terse memorandum, seemingly unprompted, the FWS quietly rescinded a hard-won Obama-era legal agreement, which imposed a blanket ban on the pesticides and genetically modified crops on the agricultural lands currently hosted in national wildlife refuges. Trump Quietly OK’s Bioengineered Farming on Wildlife Refuges. The Trump administration’s new plans for agrichemicals allows the use of pesticides and GMOs on farmlands located in the habitats of individual wildlife refuges across the United States. This could open the door to wide application of two high-risk biotechnologies. One is genetically modified crops, which have expanded the monopoly power of seed giants like Monsanto across the agricultural supply chain and have often come with increased use of the company’s controversial Roundup glyphosate herbicides. Additionally, the agreement allows refuge-based farms to use neonicotinoids, a class of pesticides associated with the disruption of ecosystems and damage to critical bee populations. Activists say that the chemicals the Trump administration is quietly promoting on conservation areas are known for posing environmental and public-health risks and would upend the fundamental mission of wildlife refuges.

New Stardew Valley Expansion Allows Player To Shoot Self In Barn After Family Farm Bankrupted By Corporate Agribusiness..

New Stardew Valley Expansion Allows Player To Shoot Self In Barn After Family Farm Bankrupted By Corporate Agribusiness. While adding multiple new gameplay options and challenging story paths to their retro farming RPG Stardew Valley, developer Chucklefish Limited revealed Friday that an upcoming game expansion would allow players to shoot themselves in the barn after losing their farm to corporate agribusiness. “Stardew Valley’s latest update includes all kinds of fun new farm life challenges, including collecting minerals to restore your grandfather’s old shotgun, which you can then use to chase off the bank officials who come to foreclose on your land or even place in your character’s mouth and pull the trigger after you realize you’ve lost everything,” more

Friday, September 14, 2018

Cassava: How To Use It To Help Starving African Children .

Cassava called Manihot esculenta, is extensively cultivated as an annual crop in tropical and subtropical regions for its edible starchy tuberous root, a major source of carbohydrates. Cassava is the third-largest source of food carbohydrates in the tropics, after rice and maize. Cassava is a major staple food in the developing world, providing a basic diet for over half a billion people. Cassava processed into garri can be fortified to produce healthy cereals,pastries,foods that can prevent malnutrition and end hunger in African children.In Africa, hunger is a constant, chronic pain gnawing away at hungry children. We can put an end to starvation in Africa if we work together to provide support. Today numerous children are living in war torn areas with no food while many more are living in the worst conditions ever and many more on the brink of famine. This condition leaves millions of girls and boys with the need for emergency food assistance to survive. Cassava processed to cereal, pastries will go a long way to kick hunger out of Africa and save the children. A lot of international communities are already working so hard to help starving children,some of their interventions are provision of ambulances, provision of medical treatment and a provision of peanut paste to feed the children. Echbee foods fortifies her products with peanut amongst other things to provide energy,protein and vitamins. These healthy snacks and cereals are handy so could be easily be sent any where its needed to stop malnutrition in children. Stop Hunger in Africa, this is what the save the children federation are doing;1)Fight acute malnutrition in specialized treatment centers that bring children back from the brink of starving to death. 2)Prevent acute malnutrition through large scale emergency feeding programs when there is a lack of food in Africa. 3)Provide sustenance to millions of children in the grips of famines and hunger crises. 4)Prevent and overcome chronic malnutrition through breastfeeding support programs. 5)Help parents feed their children through farming and small business investments.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

CASSAVA: how to make healthy nutritious snacks from garri.

Cassava commonly processed into garri has become a universal currency as many countries are now into trading. Garri not only suitable as food but can be used to produce finger-foods. Garri chops available courtesy ECHBEE FOODS.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

AGRIBUSINESS: Fabián Tomasi, Who Exposed the Toxic Nature of Argentine Agribusiness, Dies.

Fabián Tomasi, Who Exposed the Toxic Nature of Argentine Agribusiness, Dies. Tomasi suffered from a serious illness due to his exposure to pesticides and despite his physical pain, raised his voice to denounce the multimillionaire agribusiness companies responsible .Fabián Tomasi, who contracted severe toxic polyneuropathy due to his exposure to pesticides as an agricultural worker, but fought back by becoming an iconic voice against the impact of agribusiness and toxic chemicals, died on September 7. AGRIBUSINESS: Fabián Tomasi, Who Exposed the Toxic Nature of Argentine Agribusiness, Dies. He had been in hospital for five days after having been diagnosed with pneumonia. Even as his illness inhibited his mobility and caused extreme pain, Tomasi valiantly continued to talk about the impact of chemicals (some of which are illegal), which are widely used in several provinces in the north of Argentina by agribusiness companies. This has led to thousands of cases of cancer, malformations and other related illnesses, which are often ignored or denied by the government and these companies. Below is a piece written by Tomasi in March for La Garganta Poderosa about his life, illness, struggle and about those responsible for the suffering of his community.AGRIBUSINESS: Fabián Tomasi, Who Exposed the Toxic Nature of Argentine Agribusiness, Dies. Many coastal provinces have been destroyed by glyphosate and other chemicals, as if they willingly forgot that we human beings have 70% genetic similarity with plants. How did they expect their poison to tell us apart? They don’t. This is why when they fumigate, only 20% remains in the vegetables and the rest is in the air that we breathe. It is not enough to say “Get out Monsanto,” because the chains of evil today extend to the rest of the multi-million dollar companies and they are tangled up in silence. Today, there are no sicknesses without poison and there is no poison without this criminal collusion between multinational companies, the health industry, the governments and the justice system.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

China to complete cassava processing plant in Sept.

China to complete cassava processing plant in Sept. China is to establish a cassava processing plant in Nigeria to promote the market value chain of the tuber. Mr John Wen, Manager in the Marketing Department, Green Agriculture West Africa Limited (GAWAL), said this on the sideline of a training on cassava processing in Abuja. Wen said the project, which would be completed by the end of September, was being implemented by the Chinese Academy of Tropical Agricultural Sciences (CATAS). He said that the academy was under the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and was handling the project in collaboration with GAWAL. “CATAS now is establishing a cassava processing mill in Abuja and once this plant is put in place we will process cassava in Nigeria.


 UNVEILING THE OPPORTUNITIES IN THE CASSAVA /GARRI BUSINESS. Cassava is the new goldmine in agribusiness. Cassava is an important food crop in the tropics as well as across the world.The opportunities in the cassava value chain are enormous.

 There are more links and chains evolving and unfolding with increased innovation and technology. Cassava contributes to diets of over 800 million people, in some areas of Africa it constitutes over 50% of the daily diet of the population.

This shows that there is a very large market for it within Nigeria and overseas. Cassava is a money spinner as more and more value can be harnessed for local and international consumption through innovative products.

 Cassava processing involves fermentation which is a plus for gut health.

 The fermentation process removes the cyanogenic glucosides present in the fresh cassava. This method of processing is also a method of preservation

 UNVEILING THE OPPORTUNITIES IN THE CASSAVA /GARRI BUSINESS: WHY GARRI? why the niche? this is why!!! Garri is easily accessible, affordable and a larger portion of the population are accustomed to the food.

 Echbee foods thus decided to fortify what was already common in most homes to achieve our purpose of balanced meal with garri.

Garri which is the most common by -product is food for over 800 million people in the world, thus fortifying the garri to produce a highly nutritious cereal can generate over 120 billion naira as revenue.

 Garri common called cassava flakes in some areas can be consumed raw, with cold water to form a delicious meal or mixed in hot water to make morsel that can be taken with various soups. Garri can be fortified with vitamins to produce delicious and nutritious meals.

Garri can be used to replace wheat flour thus making it suitable to bake bread, make pastries, pies, doughnut and so many other products. A new innovation has emerged where garri is used to make wholesome cereal for people of all ages.

Garri can be fortified with various supplements to make biscuits, akara, soups, energy bars, chocolate balls and so much more. Garri can be used to bake bread 100% and the texture , flavour and taste is exceptional.

 WELCOME TO ECHBEE FOODS, WHERE WE TURN ORDINARY GARRI INTO EXTRAORDINARY PRODUCTS. The use of garri instead of wheat to bake will save the government 6billion dollars annually, which is the amount of money spent on importation of wheat. 

The expansion of the cassava value chain by promoting the use of garri instead of flour will achieve the following. 1) create more jobs. 2)create more nutritious products for children within and outside the country. 3) increased cassava cultivation, more money for farmers especially women frying the garri.



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