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Friday, July 31, 2015


Bio security is undoubtedly a means of averting disease outbreak and curb spread of diseases. A farm without adequate bio security protocol is only asking for trouble. Here in these pics ;see how a breech of biosecurity protocol caused havoc on this farm.


BIO-SECURITY,is basically keeping germs out of your production site.There are so many agents that are used but i want to talk about the use of bleach in the poultry and generally on the farm. The bleach -water mix can be made in full strength and used in the foot dip.The bleach-water combo will need to be replenished in the foot dip every 4 hrs. The bleach-water combo in medium strength can be used to wash drains,and work areas in the farm.Cars entering the poultry can have the tyres sprayed with full strength of bleach-water combo.Clothes,overalls ,boots and tools should be cleaned with bleach-water combo. Proper disposal of waste,dead animals and contaminated feed is very important.The bleach- water combo can be sprayed in the trash area to prevent swarming of flies and also kill pathogenic bacteria. ITS in your hands now:use it and stay safe. CLEAN IT# BLEACH IT# STAY SAFE.

Thursday, July 30, 2015


Bio security is keeping pathogenic organisms away from production site, ensuring you shut the door on diseases.There are various bio security measures to reduce food safety risks; these risk include; influx of live chicken,mass movement of people into farm,transportation of dead birds,proper disposal of dead birds and high concentration of poultry farms in an area, wild birds in/ around poultry houses,rodent infestation,and mixed breeds/species of birds on a farm. The recent outbreak of avian influenza in some countries has stirred the need for better bio security measures with strict compliance,surveillance ,education of populace about HPAI and ban on import of poultry from affected countries. Bio security on the farm encompasses all levels of production, daily operations( standard operative procedure), the farm fittings,structure,tools and vehicular movement. A powerful broad spectrum disinfectant/ cleaner that is very potent against most pathogens especially AVIAN INFLUENZA is recommended for use this is VIRKON® S.It has virucidal properties. VIRKON® S has been used in many countries not only as a bio security chemical, but used widely in cases of outbreaks of avian influenza. VIRKON® S has found so many uses in the farm; 1) used for foot dip. 2)used to clean surfaces,floors and disinfect walls. 3)used to purify water in tanks on farms, which is a potential foci of bacteria proliferation. 4)it can be misted and sprayed in cages with the birds. 5)decontamination of markets,cages,equipment and tools. VIRKON® S is your biosecurity answer in a pack.BE PROACTIVE GET VIRKON® S TODAY. STAY SAFE USE VIRKON® S; STOP THE AVIAN INFLUENZA VIRUS.

Health management and bio security on farms.

The spread of avian influenza can be curbed using strict bio security measures,these will include cleaning,washing and regular disinfection of farm site.

 There are various chemicals that have virucidal potency that can be used to disinfect and decontaminate farm premises. One of such is virkon s,proven to be very effective against bird flu,along side other pathogens.

 The use of virkon S can not be overemphasized because of the tremendous success it has achieved in farms,hospitals food industry etc. There are various applications for the virkon s in various sectors,but we will focus on its uses in the farm.


 Look out for these signs:

Sudden onset of high mortality.

Bluish-purplish comb and wattle

Purplish shanks,

Swollen and shut eyelids.

 In case of outbreak;

Do not treat.

Do not vaccinate.

Cordon off your farm.

 Call your vet.


Avian influenza is a deadly viral infection that have been ravaging poultry farms around the world.The rate of spread of the virus is very alarming, and although wild birds have been implicated in the spread of the virus,contamination and contact are routes for persistence of the virus in and around farms. The role of bio security in the prevention and curbing of spread of infection on farms cannot be over emphasized,the bio security protocol must be simple,easily adaptable and measurable.The simplicity of the protocol will ensure strict compliance, the bio security measures include the following; 1) Do not allow visitors to your farm. 2) vehicles coming into the farm area must pass through a vat filled with disinfectants or the vehicle is hosed down with disinfectants . 3) The farm area must be cordoned off and must have foot dips at entrance. 4)The farm hands must enter the farm site from an entrance then go to cloak room to change into clean disinfected farm wear. 5)The tools and personal wear must be washed daily and disinfected. 6) The drinkers must be cleaned and disinfected. 7) floors drains and working surfaces are to be cleaned and disinfected. 8)isolate new birds to farms ,in a separate section of farm. 9) The birds can also be sprayed in the cages using disinfectants. 10)The water source must be clean and cool, ensure the purity of water source by treating with chemicals. 11)Litter management is very important,scrap and pack litter and dispose properly. 12) Proper disposal of dead birds, and other waste matter from the farm. 13) The farm environs must be clean and devoid of grasses,or stagnant pools. 14)The disinfectants used in foot dips must be changed at regular intervals. Bird flu is indeed deadly and zoonotic depending on the strain of virus involved.The first major sign is high mortality of sudden onset,then bluish-purplish combs,shanks and crop region,swollen lids and diarrhea. When you observe any of such signs,do not start treating or vaccinating; just restrict access to your farm and notify your vet.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Jute rice!!! what is this ??? well its a highly nutritious delicacy that your dogs will love.
Jute rice is a recipe made from jute leaves and rice.

Jute leaves also called "EWEDU", is a highly nutritious vegetable packed with vitamin A,C,E; this makes them very valuable in preventing free radicals from damaging body cells. The vitamin A,also has added value in improving vision,vitamin C also helpful in stimulating appetite.
Jute leaves has a low caloric value,so you can incorporate it in diet without excessive weight gain, these leaves can also be used to control diarrhea.
The benefits of jute leaves are enormous and these can be prepared and served with other feed stuff to provide a balanced meal for your dog.
                       JUTE RICE; INGREDIENTS;jute leaves. fish/meat/chicken. rice.
  1) pick the jute leaves,rinse and set aside.
  2) Get a pot,pour some water in it,add stock/fish broth.

   3)Add a pinch of potash.

   4) Add the jute leaves and allow to boil.

    5) After 5 minutes, use the kitchen broom to cut the jute leaves,continue beating with the broom until all are cut to small bits and with a drawy texture.

  6)Put the jute leaves aside. next prepare the already washed and cooked meat or fish; these can be cut to bits, or cubes or shredded,and set aside.

Monday, July 20, 2015


Home cooking for dogs is now the in-4thing because of the rise in rate of pet food recalls.However some dog lovers have been cooking for along time to ensure food safety and growth of their pets. Home cooking has numerous advantages such as availability,freshness, safe,cheap and no chemical additives.The home cooking has an added advantage if you have a dog with special needs such as liver disease,kidney disease,obesity and cancer,the knowledge of nutritional impact on these conditions are vital. Home cooking can be fun if well planned; here is a fast recipe for your dog. Noodles and eggs. INGREDIENTS; 1)NOODLES. 2)EGGS. 3)OIL METHOD. BOIL NOODLES AND SET ASIDE. PREPARE THE EGGS, COULD BE BOILED OR FRIED. THEN MIX THE EGG WITH NOODLES AND SERVE OR CUT THE BOILED EGGS UP IN CUBES AND MIX WITH NOODLES.

Friday, July 17, 2015


Fiber in dog's food play a vital role in digestion and metabolic functions.Fiber add to the bulk of food aiding its easy passage through the digestive system.It stabilizes blood sugar hence its of tremendous benefit in diabetic patients.The fiber content in diet allows the dog to eat as much as they want without additional calories,thus its a key ingredient in weight loss diet for obese dogs. Sources of fiber are cooked sweet potato,oat-bran,pumpkin,sweetcorn,spaghetti ,bread,rice,and macaroni.Fruits and vegetables are also good sources of fiber ,these include raw carrots,apple,orange,peas(cooked) and spinach. Fiber in the diet performs following functions; 1) prevents constipation; it adds to bulk of food thus aids the passage of food through the digestive tract preventing reduced peristaltic movement. 2)treatment of diarrhea; fiber in diet normally results in firm stools. 3)fibers can be soluble or insoluble; thus some fibers are fermented into fatty acids to aid digestion and also repair injured colon cells. 4)reduces anal gland problems; insoluble fibers makes stool firmer,this assists emptying of the anal gland as the dog passes feces easily. 5)weight control; increases content of feed hence the dogs are fuller without adding more calories. 6)prevents fluctuations in blood sugar levels,thus making fiber a key ingredient in diabetic dog's food. Fruits are natural sources of insoluble and soluble fiber,majorly these fruits are of immense value when skin is not removed such as apples,carrots and peas.The best way to incorporate these will be to prepare home cooked meals,so that you can mix and match food types that bests suits your dog's requirement. A nutritious fiber rich diet will be oatmeal with milk,blended with fish to produce a healthy balanced meal.


The clamp down on importation of frozen poultry to the country has called for strategic planning and marketing of our home grown poultry.The poultry farmers are working relentlessly to ensure that the products are readily available and very affordable.

 The farmers have joined forces with marketers,cold store operators and various marts.The farmers sell their products to the marketers,who in turn process for customers in the market.This is usually for customers that prefer to buy live chicken and process them.

The cold room operators have gone a step further,by liaising with farmers and procuring live chicken which they process and package the chicken for customers.These are presented as full chicken,quarter or half chicken,they also sell in parts depending on the taste of the client.

These type of home processed chicken can easily be recognized as the feathering points are still visible,unlike the machine plucked birds. There are other marketers that buy from large farms where production processes s are automatic,the birds are plucked with large machines,processed and packaged for sale in supermarkets,cold rooms and shopping malls.

The poultry farmers have you covered irrespective of your choice,so patronize your local farmers. The major advantages of homegrown "NAIJA" CHICKEN is that they are not pumped with growth hormones or preserved with carcinogenic chemicals,they are also not loaded with antibiotics and they are so tasty.


Every day,all around the world, Virocid is applied with tremendous success. Virocid is used in various ways such as in animal husbandry, fish farming, food processing, animal transport, and feed storage, because of the disinfecting power of Virocid. An efficient and continuous disinfection is very essential. Virulent diseases not only cut in the profit, but adversely affect the entire industry. Where Virocid® is applied, bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores are eliminated. Investing in the bio-security of animals, houses, materials, buildings, vehicles and people is the best strategy as it leads to better production ,and confirms the saying “prevention is better than cure “ The bigger and more intensive animal husbandry becomes, the bigger the risk for virulent diseases. There is one solution for preventing these losses: Virocid®. The bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal and sporicidal effect of Virocid® is unique in the world and is safe for people, animals and their environment. The worldwide success of Virocid® is based on the unique synergism of this characteristics: • “Hospital grade” disinfectant • Highly efficient to kill bacteria, spores, viruses and fungi • Residual action • No resistance • Very low dilution rate • Extremely economical cost- in-use • Versatile usage: spraying, foaming, fogging, booth dips, wheel dips • Active at all temperatures • Effective in hard water • Effective in presence of organic matter • Safe for equipment (neutral pH) and environment friendly Virocid® offers at least two times more protection than no matter which other disinfectant. So it¹s not surprising at all that Virocid® is number one in the world! Virocid® is thanks to a dosage which is minimum 50% lower than other disinfecting products, not only more economical, but is also offering a wide application range for the daily disinfection of: • Animal houses and material • Animal transport and materials • Storage and processing rooms for feed and food • Food transport • Boots and wheels via dipping baths

Thursday, July 16, 2015


Disinfectants that are used for bio security in poultry are enormous but only 2 disinfectants have been proven to kill the bird flu virus.These disinfectants are virkon and virocid, they have been used in various outbreak in numerous countries with 100% efficacy. Virocid is the world’s most powerful disinfectant, as it achieves 99.9% microbial eradication It is all about avoiding pathogens building up to dangerously high levels. At these high levels, the pathogens can cause serious health problems for the animals and substantial economic losses to the farmer. It is a never-ending task that requires a rigorous approach, Bacteria, viruses and fungi will find a stronghold in these areas and finally spread disease to people, poultry, transport, vermin, insects etc. that are passing by these infectious hot spots. Virocid is an extremely concentrated disinfectant with a synergistic composition of four active ingredients. It has proven records in preventing and fighting disease outbreaks for many years: IB, IBD, avian influenza, Enterococcus, Salmonella, Aspergillus. It is amazingly effective at very low dilutions - 0.25 to 0.50 per cent - against all microorganisms: bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores. Virocid is hospital-graded according to the EPA registration in the US. Moreover, Virocid has a long residual action and can be applied in a versatile way (spraying, (hot) fogging, foaming) on surfaces, boot, dips, vehicles and equipment. virocid used in various ways such as horticulture,hospital,food processing unit,animal healthcare and personal hygiene


Avian influenza still trending in certain countries like Ghana,United kingdom,United states,Israel,Taiwan, China and Nigeria.The infections in most countries are of various strain with varied virulence.The outbreaks have been controlled by depopulation of birds in affected farms,fumigation of affected poultry,quarantine of 3km radius for farms in vicinity of affected sites. Farmers are advised to report cases of bird flu to necessary authority.The common signs of bird flu are sudden death,swollen wattles and combs,purplish shanks,ruffled feathers and inappetence. The cases with low virulence normally show ruffled feathers,soft shelled eggs and decrease/absence of egg laying.The virus has been linked to migratory birds and wet waterlogged areas such as areas close to rivers,lakes e.t.c. bio security protocol must be strictly adhered to, the sequence of isolation/quarantine and disinfection must be the rule of thumb in the poultry.The common disinfectants recommended in cases of outbreaks are virkon and virocid,these have been tested and proven to kill the avian influenza virus.

Monday, July 13, 2015


The poultry farmers and operators of chicken business in the country are happy about the recent ban on importation of chicken and turkey,because this means rapid growth for the poultry industry in the country. The poultry farmers and operators have allayed all fears of citizens about the constant supply of poultry products,stating that they are capable of supply in large quantities as at when needed. It will be recalled that before the advent of imported frozen chicken and turkey,people normally sourced their poultry from the market,where its killed and dressed to specification.The ban will ensure purchasing of more live chicken/turkey which will also attract more processors thus creating jobs. Chicken processing can be a money spinner if attached to a live bird market,this will even curb spread of diseases.CThILQiB_88/VaP1syA4BGI/AAAAAAAABww/yaoS7srRfrI/s320/IMG_20150713_125229.jpg" />

Sunday, July 12, 2015


The recent clamp down on imported chicken and turkey dealers in the country has sparked arguments in various quarters and questions flying everywhere.The major concern of the populace is what is the alternative? do we have enough poultry farmers in the country to produce what we need??,do we have access to hygienically processed chicken,turkey and poultry products?? are these products affordable and readily available???.The answer to these questions is a simple yes!!!! we have the capacity to feed our citizens.In our markets today, when you buy chicken or turkey,there are operators there that render services such as killing/bleeding, defeathering ,cutting and packaging.We also have poultry farms that process various types and package for sale and they are so affordable.These products are supplied to shopping malls all over the country,and since they are packaged according to weight,it makes shopping so easy. Now you have the facts ,go to your mall or market and stock up.I almost forgot to add an important detail,they taste so good ,crispy,juicy so delicious. There is so much food in the land its lack of information,wisdom and understanding that is causing us to cast off our treasures and take up stones. # changeit.@move naija forward. One of the numerous brands that provide hygienically dressed chicken @ proudly naija.

Saturday, July 11, 2015


Have you ever gone to the beach and never forgot the experience? or better still you wished it could be forever?have you ever felt like bringing the sea to your living room? do you wish you could look at exotic fishes anytime you desire?


Fish tank is coined to describe our adventures with the aquatic family.Where we make lovely aquariums from ordinary containers to create extraordinary experiences.

The common fishes are gold,sword tail,angel,molly ,black e.t.c, i also have colorful decorations to give your tank a burst of freshness.

 Here take a look at a simple fish tank i made using plastic container,simple but classy.

 MATERIALS. 1)Plastic container
. 2)Sand.

 3)Colorful stones

. 4)Natural plants.


 7)Gold fish.

 8)Angel fish.

 9)Wooden net lid.

. METHOD. Wash container,pour sand and layer it in the container and add water ..The plants are washed and trimmed so they fit the container.then scatter the decorative stones in the container to display a pattern,also scatter marbles and shells in the container.

The fishes are the last to go in container,these are released gently into the water. The fish tank is ready. Bringing the sea to your living room



The animals are inspected prior to slaughter,the carcass is also inspected and the organs are certified wholesome and fit for consumption. These pictures show the process of have to see it before you buy it,



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