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Sunday, November 26, 2017

Pet Project: The advantages of mobile veterinary care.

Pet Project: The advantages of mobile veterinary care. Mobile veterinary services are becoming much more commonplace among busy pet owners and provide an attractive alternative to traditional brick and mortal hospitals. Historically, mobile veterinarians attended to the health care of horses and farm animals, but now there is a need and want for examinations of our dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and other small animals in their home environment. There is evidence that in-home care can lessen stress and provide other physiological benefits for your pet. Mobile veterinary services do have their limits when it comes to more urgent care that requires hospitalization or surgical procedures that require the sterile environment of a hospital. The following are several reasons for why mobile veterinary services are becoming popular and may be the right choice for your pets: Less stress: Many pet owners often feel guilty when transporting their pets to the veterinary hospital because of the stress it often causes. There are several animals that experience car sickness or show outward signs of stress, including panting, salivating or vocalizing while being placed in a carrier or in the car. A home veterinary visit will often alleviate many of these unwanted stress symptoms and lessen the guilt pet owners experience. A 2015 study published in the Journal of American Veterinary Medical Association showed that veterinary visits performed in the home proved to result in lower blood pressure readings, body temperature readings, respiratory rates and pulse rates. This is beneficial in many cases especially with animals that are being evaluated for conditions involving high pressure or having heart disease that need adequate readings of blood pressures, respiratory and pulse rates. Also, it is important to those animals that are diagnosed with diabetes. At-home glucose testing and monitoring will often help in receiving more adequate blood glucose readings because stress can frequently attribute to an increase in these values. Elderly pets with severe or debilitating arthritis may also benefit from home visit as to not further cause injury or discomfort by transporting the animal to the hospital. Following an appointment in the home an animal is free to leave the room, hide in a safe location or go out in their own backyard. The pet is not forced back into a cage or car for a designated period of time while the owner takes care of the payment and drive home.

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