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Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Banking innovation in agriculture.

Technology has superimposed its presence in major areas of the economy forging growth and development within these sectors. The banking sector is a big player in this innovation drive with technology as all other sectors engage their services in terms of payments,transfer and business funding. Banks are making their services,fast and easily accessible to customers as many have platforms that enable mobile banking ,where you can open an account,transfer,make payments for amenities and even buy air time. The use of bank cards also makes services faster,the use of self service portals is also a plus to the array of services. The connectivity of these platforms to various industries to provide seamless transaction is where banking innovation comes to play. In agriculture,banking innovation help facilitate easy buying and selling of products by farmers. The use of e-wallet makes transaction seamless and super-fast,read . The banking innovation in agriculture is in partnership with telecommunication giants,with a mixed-match platform to serve farmers through SMS, video, apps e.t.c. The banking innovation is taking root fast and various banks are thinking on how to leverage the age of digital disruption in order to create personalized banking platforms, form effective fintech partnerships and diversify the banks’ digital offerings to improve customer satisfaction , increase retention rates and how to remain competitive in a crowded marketplace. In this digital age how is your bank innovating? learn more about banking innovation here