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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Pet food analysis shows chicken is the preferred flavor.

GfK data on sales of dry food, wet food and treats for both dogs and cats revealed the most popular flavors across eight key countries in the global pet food market based on the value sold. In the United Stated, chicken is the most popular flavor that owners are buying for dogs and cats across all three categories. In a country that spent $24 billion in the pet food market in 2015, that accounts for a significant amount of money. In nearly all other countries, chicken also was the most popular for dry dog food and dry cat food. Spain’s pets get greater variety, with beef and fish flavors rivaling chicken for wet food and treats. France’s cats also receive variety equal to that in Spain in the wet food and treats bought for them, although chicken continues to dominate when owners select their cats’ dry food and their dogs’ wet and dry food. The Czech Republic, Greece and China stand out in preferring beef flavor above all others for their dogs’ wet food. more