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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Water quality and fish health.

Water quality and fish health,this is an important parameter in fish farming and to make money from fish farming all necessary protocols must be observed. Its very important to note the quality of water that can be used for rearing fish ; 1) water must be clean and free from chemicals. 2) water must be chlorine-free. 3)water must be free of pollutants such as oil,detergents and heavy metals such as aluminium,zinc and magnesium. Water is the medium in which the fish lives and the growth and survival rate depends on the quality of water. Water sources for rearing fish include borehole,springs,streams,wells lagoons and rivers. The source must be tested to check for quality and make necessary adjustments before channeling to your pond. Fish should not be reared with tap water because chlorine is present and this is hazardous to fish health,but in cases where the only source is tap water especially in urban farming then chlorine can be removed from the water and used to rear fish. Chlorine can be removed from water source by using any of the following methods before stocking your pond; 1) put water in tank overnight, the chlorine gas will evaporate making it safe. 2) use a dechlorinator. 3)Add vitamin C to pond @ 1 tablet /100L of water. The use of vitamin C is very effective as it not only removes the chlorine but also acts as anti-stress agent for the fish,making them stable and healthy when moved into the pond. Water quality and fish health: order for fish feed , fertilizer and seeds. see