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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

A mobile app that help farmers overcome crop damage launched in India.

A mobile app that help farmers overcome crop damage launched in India. The role of technology in agriculture cannot be over emphasized with various platforms such as SMS,videos, mobile apps, voice and e-learning in livestock and crop farming paving the way for food security. Phones,mobile apps with data analysis have enabled farmers to increase yield, because of the array of information available and the spontaneity of response from experts when they experience problems. The world has become a global village basically because of connectivity and ease of access to information, this simple role of connectivity if tapped into in agriculture will boost production,sales and increase revenue. In India, an innovative multi-lingual plant disease and pest diagnostic app available on farmer’s mobile phones helps them identify pests and diseases and suggests remedies was recently launched. This is how the ‘Plantix’ app works; Farmers take pictures of the affected crop and upload them on the app. The photographs are analyzed using artificial intelligence algorithms and results returned immediately to the individual farmer. Critical information on symptoms, triggers, chemicals as well as biological treatments are provided. All pictures sent via the app are geo-tagged thereby enabling real-time monitoring of pest and diseases. The resulting metadata provides valuable insights into the spatial distribution of cultivated crops and most significant plant diseases e.g. in the form of high resolution maps. Furthermore, the app encompasses a weather information system specific to the farmers’ location and a community feature that facilitates interaction with other players interested in plant protection services. more Harnessing this method and molding it to our specification is another part of the story. The recently launched app is to identify pest and diseases of crops and proffer solutions,now their are other possibilities such as 1) in livestock. 2) animal healthcare services. 3) sales of agricultural products. 4) online community that can be provided with banking facilities. see and the model is this