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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Catfish lifts driver from poverty.

Catfish lifts driver from poverty. As a driver, Francis Mwangi could not make enough to sustain himself and his family, who depended on him. Even his own father ran away from their home in Mathari, Nyeri County, when he could not repay debts that had accrued in the family. Then Mwangi attended a training programme for farmers about fish farming and he decided to give it a try. He decided to risk by depositing Sh65,000 with the fisheries company and had a pond dug to accommodate his first batch of catfish. He says neighbours would laugh at him, wondering how he could just give away money. To the naysayers’ dismay, after five and a half months, the first harvest earned Mwangi Sh300,000, which shocked even the locals. Each kilo of fish is sold for Sh200 and some of the fish grow to as heavy as three kilogrammes. more