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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

How to use coconut coir (coco peat) to control weeds.

Coconut coir also known as “coco peat” stands alone as a quality substrate with unique properties. Its made from coconut husk in the heart of coconut country in Tamil Nadu India and Sri Lanka, coco peat is organic in nature, sustainable and renewable. Growing with coir is an eco-friendly choice that roots love, healthy roots mean healthy plants, no matter what you’re growing. The agriculture and horticulture industries have recognized that coir could be the perfect growing media, as it possesses the qualities that most plants demand: 1)Drainage. 2) Moisture Retention. 3) Aeration. 4) Neutral pH. Coconut coir is essential in hydroponics, the qualities that make it perfect for that application translate to containers of all sizes, gardens, raised bed gardens,microgreens, floriculture and more. The other advantage of growing with coir is that it keeps weeds away; Tom March,a farmer explains how to use them successfully on the farm. Tom does not want to bathe his crops with herbicides so on his 150 acre March Farm in Bethlehem Ct, he’s beaten weeds by laying weed barrier and growing his crops in grow bags. While it’s not uncommon to see grow bags used in a greenhouse setting, Tom likes the way he can control his growing environment both inside and out, with grow bags filled with coco coir peat growing media. Grow bags with coco coir peat help farmers control their crops in several ways. There is no need to till or mix soils, the coir is sterile in the bag which means no soil viruses, no fungus, and no undesirable insects. The crop is also elevated from the ground which reduces the encroachment of crawling insects. March Farms learned that weeds and the undesirable insects they may attract are no longer a factor. The overall operation is cleaner too. more