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Friday, May 19, 2017

Avian influenza questions up-most on producers mind.

Avian influenza has spread all over the world with outbreaks reported in many countries and human deaths in others, suggesting that it will challenge poultry production on every continent for along time. Producers are worried about trend and wonder if the incidence is a sign that the virus is a global potential threat that cannot be tamed. Producers are concerned that avian influenza posses a greater threat to the global poultry industry than it was a decade ago?. The largest factor that could make avian influenza more severe is the rapidly growing global poultry population. Population and income growth around the world is dictating larger flocks and bigger operations, but the level of biosecurity isn’t increasing at the same rate, especially in smaller,operations in the developing world. Producers are also wondering about the risk implication of having more birds,a larger operation.? The size of farm or number of birds does not increase or decrease risk,what matters is the biosecurity level of farm and compliance level of farm hands. The most common question is the method to keep free-range and pasture chicken free from avian influenza virus?. The quest to go cage-free and have free range birds is a major foci of bird flu virus as many outbreaks started from free range birds and spread to commercial farms. see The continuous risk of raising free range birds can only be minimized with proper surveillance and monitoring of health status of birds. Education and training on proper management technique will go a long way to reduce risk of exposure and consequently spread of virus.