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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

What is PPID?.

What is PPID?. PPID is pituitary pars intermedia dysfunction also known as equine Cushing's disease and this condition makes the pituitary gland work overtime causing severe problems. The signs at onset are subtle while the advanced stage has quite prominent signs that are easily associated with the condition. The early signs of PPID are 1) selective deposition of fat on the neck or tail head. 2) abnormal hair growth in the small region referred to as regional hypertrichosis. 3) wasting of muscle especially of the topline region. 4) reduced athletic performance. 5) delayed shedding of hair thus exhibiting patches of longer hair in the jugular groove and back of legs. The advanced signs are 1) blindness. 2) excessive thirst and urination. 3) recurrent infections such as sole abscess and skin infection. 4) rounded abdomen. 5) reduced performance 6) generalized hypertrichosis 7) abnormal sweating 8) infertility;mares dont cycle. 9) lethargy.