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Friday, May 19, 2017

Why should you cook for your pets?

The health of your pets is basically in your hands and like they say food is medicine. Nutrition is vital to growth and development of your pets and also nutrition plays a vital role in health and wellness of your pets,so with this back drop you must ensure you feed your pets properly. Pet nutrition was mostly left to commercial players,in the pet food industry before of the surge pet food recalls when many discovered that whats on the label is not healthy causing deaths or the food was contaminated at the source e.t.c Read about pet food recalls here, The recent surge in pet food recalls has encouraged more pet owners to try home cooking for their pets to help them stay healthy and live longer. Why should you cook for your pets? 1) To be sure of the content you are providing as many brands have a flavor with recall issues. Home cooking ensures you know the source of ingredients,the quality( fresh,human grade or discarded) and the proportion of the ingredients. A recent survey showed that cats on dry food had a risk of diabetes,as the kibble is loaded with more carbohydrates than needed. 2) home cooking helps to monitor of certain health conditions in pets. Commercial products especially grain-based pose a risk of aflatoxicosis,thus you preparing your pets food with high grade ingredients can remove risk. Allergies are another reason to do home cooking,many products have unnamed ingredients or masked contents which stimulate allergic reactions in the pet. 3)Home cooking also comes in handy when you are managing certain conditions in your pets such as obesity, arthritis, kidney disease ,diabetes etc. Home cooking will allow you use appropriate nutrients at right weight and combination. 4) Home cooking ensures your pets have access to wholesome nutritious food without any food additives or coloring. A recent study showed that there is an increase in cases of chronic diseases linked to food additives in pet foods,so if you want to feed your pets truly natural foods go with home cooking. see