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Thursday, May 18, 2017

Fracture: Tiny bubbles used to heal non-healing fractures in pigs.

Scientists have used a new procedure employing tiny bubbles to heal bones in pigs. The scientists embarked on research to find an alternative to bone grafts for bone fractures. These scientists have developed a much needed alternative to bone grafts that could help alleviate the long-term hospitalization, disability, and considerable costs to the health system associated with non-healing fractures. Bone injuries sometimes fail to heal completely resulting in nonunion fractures resulting in attempts to ensure healing by using bone grafts. The procedure is painful and most bone grafts donated usually fail to integrate. The researchers devised a two-step gene therapy method coupled with FDA-approved ultrasound and microbubbles that completely healed nonunion fractures in pigs within eight weeks of treatment. This technique is safe,minimally invasive but promoted complete bone healing.