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Friday, May 12, 2017

Agribusiness; how to run a tractor and machinery hire business.

A large number of machinery will be seen traversing the country, providing various services on farms over the coming months.Farmers need to embrace the role of farm machinery if they are to be successful,but many small scale farmers are yet to imbibe the emerging farming technologies and machinery. Factors, such as the high cost of machines and farmers’ lack of access to finance, make the machinery unaffordable for resource-poor farmers. There is a niche for machinery hire which is a valid option for farmers, who do not need machines all year round . Committing resources to machinery hire is a new agribusiness niche which only a few are tapping into. How to run a tractor and hire machinery business is the question on investors lips,and these are the crucial steps. 1) identify your farmers and produce a data base. 2) understand their needs. 3) identify farm and note sizes of farms. 4) choose the machines that are durable,effective and manageable. 5) group your farmers,have a team leader and work out modalities for hiring. The hiring business is a win-win situation as investor and farmers both make profit as the overhead of farmers reduce and they will get better harvest while investors have a fast return on investment. Farmers need more of this hire business to produce more as it will make the work easy ,simple and fast. There is a need that this niche will service easily see and this