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Friday, May 12, 2017

Tools to aid pig producers with biosecurity and management.

Tools to aid pig producers with biosecurity and management. Biosecurity is not only a matter of disinfecting and fencing,it is a matter of mentality.There is a need to be aware of how pathogens can enter a farm can make pig producers more prudent about what to pay attention to. When planning a control plan for a disease such as Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome – PRRS it is essential to follow a systematic approach like the 5-step process. Step 1 and 2 – aim at setting the goals and expectations and determine the current status of the farm. Step 3 – it is important to identify the constraints, namely the biosecurity and management risks that exist in farms or systems. Considering the information of the previous 3 steps it is possible to propose solutions in step 4 and finally, in step 5, solutions can be implemented and results can be monitored. A high level biosecurity is a must for farms located in pig dense areas, due to high infection pressure. Therefore, a lot of research projects have been dedicated to learn about the constraints that complicate the right implementation of disease control programmes. A recent publication referring to farms in Belgium, France, Germany and Sweden documented that often external biosecurity is more important than internal biosecurity. This is probably not any different to farms in other countries and areas. Boehringer Ingelheim recently introduced 2 new tools that aim to help identify and visualize constraints related to external and internal biosecurity, pig flow, management and trace pathogen carrying agents. The ‘Pathogen Tracing Kit’, or short ‘p-Track’.With that, it will be possible to trace and monitor multiple risks associated with pathogen carrying agents in the farms: tools, farm staff, or visitors, or other fomites. Using the tool, veterinarians and farmers can measure in real time risky events related with movements . For example, when a certain object (a pushboard or an injector) is used in different areas of the farm it can be detected and quantified. more