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Saturday, May 13, 2017

How the Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine is helping horses.

How the traditional Chinese veterinary medicine is helping horses. The Chinese veterinary medicine does not treat symptom but addresses the root of the problem. This aspect of veterinary medicine takes an holistic look at a specie and proffers adequate solutions. The use of a combination of herbs,spices and acupuncture to ensure the totally well being of animals but the equine has received extensive coverage. The traditional Chinese veterinary medicine also some times referred to as alternative medicine because it provides options judged better by pet owners. Horses have used the traditional Chinese medicine for years mainly because the equine sporting industry is regulated,thus limiting the use of drugs on horses. A combination of certain drugs may enhance sporting activity of horses hence the need for scrutinizing drugs and looking for alternatives. The most common herbs used are ginseng, garlic and moringa. Acupuncture is used regularly in sporting horses to treat musculoskeletal problems.see more