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Thursday, September 17, 2015


AGRIBUSINESS: DATAMATICS IS THE KEY TO THE FUTURE. Data simply refers to processed information that is useful and accessible at any given time.Information that are analyzed to produce data could come in various forms such as ; names, dates of birth, age, weight,location, blood group,occupation e.t.c. information can be generated from profiles,phone records,history and hobbies,these can then be sorted, analyzed,categorized and the resultant data used to proffer solutions in desperate cases,like war-torn areas, places affected by diseases. The data generated from information on phone usage in communities in Africa has help the world food program me to fashion out how to get supplies to hungry communities just by accessing how much is spent on calls,how often they recharge and the number within a particular radius that has access to phones.This has been a major method to support hungry families. #datamatics =KEY TO THE FUTURE. AGRIBUSINESS: DATAMATICS IS THE KEY TO THE FUTURE. The data generated from identifying locations,focal points,market points, health centers e.t.c makes it easy for world food program me to respond fast and drop off supplies in emergency cases. Majority of farmers in African countries now plug in to the advantage phones are bringing to the farming sector.The farmers link up to producers,suppliers and marketers; getting access to real time prices and which points too take their products to to get a better margin. #data Data generated also allows for easy identification of farmers,farms,product shops and markets; where all those in production can be easily accessed and business conducted at the speed of a click. The data generated is also used by banks,investors and insurance companies, where farmers pay for insurance policy through phones and also receive pay-outs through phones. Farmers can now pay for seeds,pesticides,fertilizers and other farm input through phones,they get information as to where to go and how much to pay without traveling long distance to search them out.KEY TO THE FUTURE. Drugs,vaccines ,feed, and other animal health products are also accessible through this platform, access to professionals that give real time advice on drug usage,management problems and sources of good animals for breeding and production is also a benefit of this platform. KEY TO THE FUTURE. Agriculture just got easier, join the telecommunication train and make more profit. Everything you need is one phone call away. #datamatics HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLO NIGERIA. SIGN UP AND HOOK UP WITH FARMERS ,PRODUCERS,MARKETERS @ LOCAL AND INTERNATIONAL INTER PHASE. DATA AND ECONOMIC GROWTH................GROW YOUR BRAND.

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