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Monday, May 15, 2017

How to use zinc to treat diarrhoea in piglets and children.

Zinc oxide is used to prevent post weaning diarrhoea in piglets.The mode of action of the zinc oxide is unknown but farmers attest to the efficacy of this compound and the interesting twist is that World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends the use of zinc alongside oral re hydration therapy to reduce the duration and severity of diarrhoea in children. The role of zinc in diarrhoea treatment has been linked to the level of zinc in the blood, in children with diarrhoea the zinc level in the blood was low but with zinc supplementation the level increased and diarrhoea ceased. Scientist working with the principle of zinc in children with diarrhoea decided to find the connection, they discovered that the level of zinc in blood of piglets before weaning was same as healthy children while the level of zinc post weaning was same as children with diarrhoea. This drop in level of zinc occurred as fast as 2 days post weaning signifying the need to prevent post weaning diarrhoea by providing zinc supplements at onset of weaning. Piglets deficient in zinc are immunosuppressed with reduced physiological functions as zinc is needed for cellular growth,cellular metabolism and resistance to infection. more