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Monday, May 15, 2017

Anisakis infection associated with eating raw or under cooked fish.

Parasitic infection associated with eating raw fish is increasing, and consumers of raw fish delicacies have been warned. The Anisakis infection linked to eating raw fish or under cooked fish is often associated with severe abdominal pain ,nausea,vomiting and fever within hours to 2 weeks of consuming infected fish. The larvae of the parasite is common in squids,mackerel,salmon ,sardines , squids and Japanese horse mackerel. A study done in 2008 published in the U.S. journal Clinical Microbiology Reviews, states that Anisakis can also induce allergic reactions and immune hypersensitivity. Consumers are advised to heat fish at over 60 degrees for a minute to kill larvae. Fish lovers should endeavor to remove the intestines alongside other internal organs as the larvae are usually in these sites. Food hygiene and proper handling comes to play here to ensure food safety. According to Japan times, Japanese comedian Tomoharu Shoji, revealed on the Fuji TV program “Tokudane” on Wednesday that he contracted the parasite last summer. Shoji, 41, said he had been diagnosed with Anisakis after eating raw salmon and salmon roe with rice while on location. He said he started feeling strong, persistent pain in the middle of the night that was misdiagnosed by the first doctor as stomach spasms. Later, it turned out that he had eaten seafood infected with eight larvae that had perforated his stomach and caused it to bleed. Experts advise that people with severe pain should go see a doctor and have the parasite removed using endoscopes.