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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

How to set up a broiler farm.

Broilers are birds raised for meat and have a short production span of 42 days. The uniqueness of the broiler breed in its ability to turn feed to meat at a short time makes it a viable investment opportunity for short term investors. The production must be started with active,alert and normal chicks without any deformity,the quality of the day old chicks will determine outcome of project. Healthy birds must be selected to prevent losses as consumers are interested in well muscled and good quality birds. #poultry The factors to consider when you want to set up a broiler farm are as follows : 1) Land 2) water 3)quality of chicks 4) feed 5) equipment 6) management. Land: the poultry site should be a well drained site,without swamps or waterlogged areas. The land must not be bushy,or surrounded by bushes to limit the risk of rodents,reptiles and other predators. The land should be accessed,topography noted and the environmental impact assessment of project should be documented. Water:there must be on site a functioning source of clean water. The source of water must be readily accessible and it must be treated to ensure safety. Quality of chicks, are very important as the quality will determine outcome. Quality day old chicks must be sourced from reputable hatchery,and chicks must be alert and active. #poultry Feed is important when you are thinking of production,as the quality of feed will determine rate of growth and profit potential. Feed could be sourced locally,purchased from miller or setting up a feed mill to cater for your birds. read #poultry Equipment: the brooder,feeder,drinkers and farm tools are also important in production. The size,spacing and location of feeder and drinkers is vital to success of the production. Management: its important to practice an all in all out system,do not mix different ages and batches of birds. Biosecurity measures must be in place to ensure safety of birds and farm lands. Labor is vital to the success of the farm, skilled and unskilled hands are necessary for overseeing different aspects of operation.Waste management is an environmental issue and as such proper waste disposal techniques should be put in place. Litter type and management is another factor as the success of the project depends on how you use,handle and dispose it. #poultry Vaccinations should be carried out as at when due. read There is a need to engage the services of a veterinarian to assist with animal health and welfare issues. #poultry