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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Trend setting changes in the veterinary profession.

Trend setting changes in the veterinary profession, many pet owners are setting standards that hitherto was not heard off,setting of chain reactions in the profession to provide excellent service. Pet owners are gradually swooping this tag for pet-parents as many not only consider pets as family members a percentage prefer to raise pets instead of kids, The major change is hinged on technology,when the pet parent needs attention they need to be able to reach their veterinarians quickly,this promptness of service delivery is propelled by connectivity as most veterinarians have platforms on which they reach out to clients. Veterinarians that want to tap into the growing pet market must be easily accessible on and offline,searching for a vet in your easy is now easy because of registration and listing on search engines. The pet parents now demand more options in terms of care,weighing the possibilities in alternative medicine,acupuncture and holistic approach to health care. This broadens the scope of treatment and also exposes the veterinarians to other treatment options thus promoting specialization in such fields. Pet parents trend setting changes also involve the fashion and beauty industry. A lot of owners indulge in pet clothing with heavy investment on different cloth-lines thus growing the pet fashion industry. Grooming pets have changed from the conventional veterinary procedure to state of the art grooming ,giving pets different shapes ,shades and colors so veterinarians will need to upgrade to tap into this growing market. read Pet parents expect the veterinarian to be a one stop expert, mental health especially depression is one issue the owners dont joke with. When they notice mood swings,irrational behavior they head to their vet-shrink to handle the situation.Relaxation is another new trend, most owners take their pets to the spa to cool off,stress-out and generally have a beauty massage. more more Phones and apps are also used to keep tabs on their pets. They can easy hang out with friends/go to the office while checking up on them. Phone companies are cashing in on this with the use of apps to create a pet-friendly site with a list of on-call veterinarians. Exercise is part of our everyday life with many people using fitbits to check how far and how fast they moved, now pet owners are using fitbark for their pets.Wearable technology in form of sensors,timers, watches and trackers are gaining ground fast in the veterinary profession. These trend setting changes also comes with the advantage of simplicity.The veterinarian is about to schedule visits ,prepare for tests, chatting with clients also make the workload less burdensome as the vets can actually video chat,see the pet and prescribe a palliative to prevent any emergency before the pet actually come in to the clinic.