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Sunday, May 7, 2017

The Grow Out Monitoring System Uses Vocalizations Of Birds To Determine Health Status.

The Grow Out Monitoring System Uses Vocalizations Of Birds To Determine Health Status by using analysed data with machine learning. The Growout Monitoring System collects and then analyzes bird vocalizations to determine if the birds are behaving in an unusual manner due to environmental stress or pathogenic invasion. The research gives farmers a better understanding of what flock is trying to communicate when faced with stress. The research carried out in the Georgia Tech Research Institute (GTRI), where researchers have started to identify unique sounds that communicate birds’ well-being. The researchers used the Grow Out Monitoring System to characterized when birds are under stress due to sickness or adverse environmental conditions inside the poultry house. The machine learning-based system comprises a data collection station and interconnected recording microphones, and uses algorithms to analyze the audio data, so training the system to characterize chicken vocalizations. In several studies, data was collected under normal and stressed as when temperatures were raised 10 degrees above normal conditions. Analyses revealed that a change can be detected in vocalizations due to temperature changes. Studies also investigated the relationship of vocalization to infectious bronchitis and laryngotracheitis. In both experiments, algorithms identified vocalizations correlating with the progression of disease. Broiler breeders raised under different feeding regimens, with one group fed daily and the other fed every other day were also listened to. Preliminary data suggests that the rates of vocalization appear to be different on the non-feeding days. more