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Monday, May 15, 2017

How to use integrated pest management on farms.

Pesticides are harmful both to consumers and environment but so also are pests,thus to eliminate these from the environment a combination of techniques must be implemented that is safe for consumers and environment. Agricultural practices without the use of pesticides is the in-thing as many more people know the implication of these chemicals on health,environment and productivity.The starting point is to ensure that your farm is unsuitable for pests to thrive. The cultural practice of preventing pest invasion is to plant shade trees to create a macro environment to prevent pest in cocoa and coffee plant. Cow urine can be applied as a low cost pesticide,see and onions have also been used to stop aphid attacks. see Mechanical approach to pest management can also be implemented to remove pests from plants without using chemicals.In some areas cabbage have been used to kill worms in farms see Farmers have also used water to wash to wash mealybugs off coffee plants and then use lime to kill the bugs once removed from the tree.Sticky traps have also being used to remove flies from tea plantation.