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Monday, May 8, 2017

How communication firms can monetize IoT beyond connectivity

How communication firms can monetize IoT beyond connectivity. The communication service providers or CSPs staggering from losses in their conventional lines of business, the IoT offers enticing opportunities to overturn their fortunes. At first look, you would consider monetizing IoT would be a slam-dunk for the communications organization. The CSP manage the networks that IoT devices must pass through, so if CSPs are to gather millions in profits from billions of linked smart objects, charging for connectivity alone would not cut it as they will have to offer more products to monetize the internet of things. Agriculture will be a wining platform as many business,products and consumers are interconnected to ensure food security. read CSPs may be the connectivity rulers, but, it continues to be seen even if they can rule the business connections with device makers, OEMs, content providers, application developers, systems incorporators and the thousands of different players it takes to produce lasting revenues from ITO solution. Bulk SMS service is one more thing that helps businesses in getting more revenues and a combination of SMS with IOT may definitely create wonders.more