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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Hello Tractors promoting mechanization.

Mechanization is an essential tool for success in agribusiness as it improves productivity and profits farmers. Farmers need to embrace the role of farm machinery if they are to be successful,but many small scale farmers are yet to imbibe the emerging farming technologies and machinery. Factors, such as the high cost of machines and farmers’ lack of access to finance, make the machinery unaffordable for resource-poor farmers,but hello tractors is promoting mechanization by assisting farmers with needed tractors. Nigeria has one of the largest expanse of uncultivated farmland and with more than half of the population linked to farmers, many of which lack the technology to turn their land into a highly productive asset. 4% of the country’s demand for tractors is being met, leading farmers to under cultivate, plant late and lose profit. Hello tractors created a model of operation which is efficient and cost effect for the farmers. Hello tractors model is instead of giving a farmer a grant to buy one tractor, you make a smart investment into their platform that can deliver a sizable amount of impact for a fairly small amount of money. They also engage local banks and further leveraging the investment to amplify impact. Hello Tractor created a Smart Tractor that is low-cost, versatile and designed specifically for small plots of land. Retrofitted with telematix and GPS, the tractors are also trackable so operators can know their exact location. The company sells the Smart Tractor to individuals who can deliver the tractors when farmers text into Hello Tractor’s virtual cloud. Hello Tractor then pings the service provider and the machine is delivered in less than two weeks. With this highly efficient scheme, Hello Tractor provides a service that is 40 times faster than manual labour and 1/3 the cost. To make sure the To make sure the tractors are community-led and community-owned, the company pairs this innovative technology with innovative financing, working with banks and investors to support farmers becoming tractor owners themselves. As such, the Smart Tractors become a means of improving livelihoods for everyone involved — the farmers and the tractor owners.