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Monday, May 8, 2017

Aflatoxin poisoning in dogs.

Aflatoxin is a type of mycotoxin produced by Aspergillus specie of fungi commonly the Aspergillus flavus and the Aspergillus parasiticus. The aflatoxins are classed as B1,B2,G1 and G2 with B1 being the most potent. The aflatoxin B1 is the most potent and has been linked to cancer of the liver in many animals, most of the exposure are from feed produced from maize/corn, bread,peanut,sorghum,wheat and cotton seeds. Aflatoxins usually contaminate crops in the field or during processing and storage. There are certain conditions that predispose to contamination such as high temperature,insect activity and moist conditions. When harvested crops are contaminated,and same is used to produce pet food the result is a terrible poisoning referred to as aflatoxicosis. Dogs are more prone to this poisoning because most of the food is cereal based,aflatoxin poisoning basically affects the liver which sets up the chain reaction of other gastrointestinal disorder such persistent vomiting,bloody diarrhea and anorexia. Aflatoxicosis also causes reproductive issues such as abortion, dogs with aflatoxin poisoning also exhibit jaundice ,anaemia,fever ,lethargy and with discolored urine. Dog lovers should be alert if your dog is eating corn-based food, monitor the activity and check for signs of poisoning. There has been cases of several recalls of dog food due to aflatoxin poisoning. Thinking of a feed alternative? see this