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Thursday, June 1, 2017

New study shows that flat faced dogs have a higher risk of dystocia.

New study shows that flat faced dogs have a higher risk of dystocia. Any female giving birth can be affected by difficulties, and this applies to dogs just as it does humans. New research finds that flat faced brachycephalic dogs are the most likely breed types to encounter problems when giving birth. Compared with other crossbred bitches, French Bulldogs are 15.9 times more likely to have difficulty giving birth (dystocia). This finding forms part of a research project called VetCompass, which is led by the Royal Veterinary College, and has shed new light onto the risks associated with giving birth in dogs in the UK. VetCompass collects anonymized clinical information on over 6 million companion animals under veterinary care in the UK. This paper is the latest of over 25 VetCompass studies published so far and was a collaboration with clinicians from the Vets Now nationwide network of emergency veterinary clinics. The study investigated bitches presented with difficulty giving birth from among almost 20,000 bitches attending 50 Vets Now surgeries. Researchers found that out of 20,000 bitches receiving emergency veterinary care, 3.7 per cent of these were treated because of difficulties encountered giving birth. The most commonly affected breeds were the French Bulldog (15.9 times more likely), Boston Terrier (12.9 times more likely), Chihuahua (10.4 times more likely) and Pug (11.3 times more likely) more