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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Mining data for health with social media.

Mining data for health with social media. Data is the new gold and mining data on various social media platforms has provided another method of diagnosis and treatment in man,animals and plants. A simple post on social media describing signs observed by a parent,farmer or breeders on respective subjects can help doctors draw out the perfect line of treatment and combination of drugs to use as well as protocols to prevent recurrence. A mother posting on Facebook about the way her son behaves while playing video games could provide a vital clue for the correct treatment for his epilepsy. This is but one type of social media chatter that is informing data scientists at Penn Medicine's Health Language Processing Lab (HLP). Scientists at Penn Medicine's Health Language Processing Lab (HLP) are using social media content combined with other sources of health information in a unique way has helped researchers understanding how people use language to communicate health needs. Penn Medicine are harnessing data contained in electronic health records (EHRs) and social media to help improve outcomes. The Center for Digital Health focuses its efforts on how social media intersects with health care, working to determine how posts might help providers detect health problems before urgent care is needed, or even how Twitter might play a role in fighting HIV. Data mining with data analysis and analytics on various social media platforms is now a new health hack providing fast diagnostic tools , research models and fast effective treatment protocols for you,your pets,livestock and crops. A post,pic,even comments on blogs and social media are not strictly for your audience,but rather these enter a large data pool helping doctors,scientists and farmers to build a better world.