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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Needle-free injection gun revolutionizes pig vaccinations.

Needle-free injection gun revolutionizes pig vaccinations.A future without needles for pigs has already begun with the MSD needle-free injection gun. The intradermal application of liquids (IDAL) method has created a revolutionary improvement in vaccine administration in sows, boars and even the youngest pigs. Smaller doses of vaccine are delivered directly to the skin. This is a really good site for immunity protection, because it is loaded with the cells that create antibodies and other immunity-boosting cells. The IDAL method is a scientifically proven vaccination route in pigs for the reduction of disease. With IDAL vaccination, the small volume of vaccine is dispersed over a relatively wider area within the skin layers than if it was injected. Thereby, the vaccine’s exposure to these antibody-producing cells is increased. Skin has specifically evolved for protection – the outer part is thick and strong, while the inner part is loaded with cells to fend off foreign material in case it is breached.¹ Following activation by vaccine, long-lasting immunity is quickly developed. Muscle, on the other hand, has been evolved for movement. Needle injections cause damage to muscle cells that take longer to heal. This may cause an increased risk of infection, abscess formation and condemnation in a more valuable part of the pig at slaughter.more