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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The work-life -balance to prevent work-family conflict.

The work-life-balance. Every individual must strive to have a balance in their work-life as many health challenges have been linked to repeatedly thinking about work-family conflict. The first step will be doing what you love with perfect time management skills and building your relationships round it, thus creating a win-win situation. Planning ahead and having a backup plan and having a network to support can make you better able to reduce work-family conflict. The role of the organization is also important as policies that foster growth, job satisfaction, job flexibility and job security will provide a platform for employees to build a better work-life-balance. Health related issues such as depression,anxiety,mood swings, and binge eating has been linked to an in balance in work-life experiences,where employees are in constant repetitive thoughts about work ,home,remuneration. The work-life -balance to prevent work-family conflict, according to a new study shows that thinking over and over again about conflicts between your job and personal life is likely to damage both your mental and physical health. The study published in the journal Stress & Health recently shows that thinking repeatedly and attentively about the parts of your job and your personal life that clash with each other such as a late-afternoon meeting that prevents you from attending your child's career day affects mental and physical health. Repetitive thought is related to two other types of cognition that also can have adverse effects on health,these are rumination and worry. Rumination is persistent, redundant thinking that usually looks backward and is associated with depression while worry is also persistent, redundant thinking but tends to look forward and is typically more associated with anxious apprehension. One method that can help is mindfulness, intentionally paying attention to the present-moment experience, such as physical sensations, perceptions, thoughts and imagery, in a nonjudgmental way. Creating a better atmosphere at home and at work,and a review of the WHY of your job and How To will be another method to stay focused.