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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Social media and weight loss programmes.

Social media has created a platform for various health related issues and programmes but the most trending is weight loss programmes. Countless people,irrespective of age,tribe,sex and location are reaching out on various platforms searching out how to lose weight. Weight loss programmes on social media are multifaceted,there are platforms for nutrition tips,workouts,supplement and various videos and recipes to keep you fit and healthy. There are other forums where you not only lose weight,but you have opportunities to make money by promoting the brand you used and building a network of weight-watchers who keep one another on track. There is another twist to the story,the type of diet you are looking at will also determine your group . If losing weight with ketogenic lifestyle is your pick,you follow thread and pick your meals e.t.c, if herbal is your style,you look for thread and follow the routine. Social media is a new way to get information especially about weightloss as most people plan meals around products especially if ratings of products are high and is backed with powerful testimonials from hype influencers. Oprah Winfrey,known for sharing her weight loss journey with her audience made $12 million from just one tweet, focusing solely on eating bread. The media mogul is a shareholder in Weight Watchers and she posted a short video message about being able to lose 26 pounds, while still eating bread recently. This followed an emotional message on Twitter from the star, as she left fans in tears with her weight loss story recently. read