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Thursday, June 1, 2017

How to convert egg shells to crockery.

How to convert egg shells to crockery. Disposable crockery made from eggshells could turn egg processing waste into a valuable commodity.Eggshells are normally somewhat of an annoyance if found on your plate, but what if they formed the plate itself, or even the cutlery? The idea is not quite as strange as it may sound. Martina Zupan, a fourth-year product design student at the U.K.’s Edinburgh Napier University, has come up with a way of making eggshells into a range of disposable tableware which she calls her “Collegtion.” The making of products from egg shells is a waste to wealth project as many landfills are filled with tons each year. A study shows that U.K. alone produces more than 75,000 tons of eggshell waste each year. At least 17,000 tons of waste eggshell was disposed of in landfill last year and, leaving sustainability to one side, this represents a cost to egg processors or anyone else having to dispose of eggshell waste in this way. The processing of egg shell to other products have been explored in various industries such as agriculture,building, fashion,creative design and art work. Read How to convert egg shells to crockery. more