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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Orangutan brings pregnant woman to tears by 'kissing' her stomach at zoo.

A simple "kiss" from an orangutan left a pregnant woman smiling through tears after a tender encounter at her local zoo. Morgain Cole Abbott, 27, was at the Colchester Zoo in Essex, England, last month when an orangutan named Rajang noticed her baby bump and gave it a tender smooch from the other side of the glass in his enclosure. Rajang, a 48-year-old orangutan who is half Bornean and half Sumatran, also "kissed" the pregnant belly of a woman in July 2015 and then again on a different expectant mother in September of last year. Morgain said it really shows how intelligent and knowing these incredible creatures are and made her so emotional as I honestly feel humans and animals can have a connection, and I felt I could have stayed there with him all day. continue