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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Kissing your dog is a dangerous affection protocol..

Dogs are man's best friend and as such live in close quarters to man,often sharing rooms, work space and gardens with owners. Dogs nowadays are regarded as part of the family strengthening the bond and extending the display of affection. The dogs saliva contains a lot of pathogens which when passed to man in cases of kissing results in periodontal disease. Dogs spend most of their time sniffing and going through various stuff such as waste,poop,dead animals and even poisonous substance. The dog also grooms self with tongue especially the anal region thus transferring fecal matter and pathogens therein into the mouth which can easily be passed to man such as salmonella,E coli and campylobacter that causes severe gastroenteritis .This can be fatal in immune suppressed patients,young children ,old people and pregnant women. The Campylobacter organisms can be isolated from both healthy and sick dogs thus these tips will be useful to prevent spread. Prevention is by 1)good hygienic practices like removing feces from your house on a regular basis.2) cleaning any soiled areas in your house .3) Thorough hand washing after handling an infected dog and prevent dogs from licking people's faces, particularly those of young children. The effect of contact of the dog's saliva on intact skin is not as dangerous as when the saliva is in contact with moist,wet mucous membrane and a wound or cut on the body. The kissing of your dogs or face licking by dog is a potential way of infection.