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Friday, January 27, 2017

Dog donates blood to save life of cat that had eaten rat poison.

Rodenticide poisoning in pets accounts for a large percentage of deaths in households basically because pets are curious ravaging and rooting at every corner and most importantly the owners were not discrete when applying baits. Rodenticide poisoning is an emergency and its easy to prevent your pets from consuming the poison than running around after deed is done. Read how to lay baits in the house to prevent poisoning in pets. see When the level of poisoning is high and condition critical,peculiar interventions can be employed to save the pet. This was what happened when a cat ate rat poison,the owner rushed to the vet who did what she could do to save the cat. The vet did a blood transfusion using a dog's blood and luck was on her side as she did not have time to type the blood,but cat survived. The owner is happy and cat is doing well and without any doggy behavior. read