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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A New App Brings Veterinary House Calls to Portland.

Health care for Portland pets is about to be even more convenient than it is for humans,as a new app will bring veterinary house calls.Portland already has a cat rapper, dog hotels and even a short-lived dog cafe. It's also the home of the Licki Brush, a silicone tongue that humans can put on their tongues to lick their cat to increase bonding. VetPronto, a San Francisco startup that allows pet owners to connect with mobile on-call vets, will soon launch in Portland. It's kind of like PostMates, but instead of a guy delivering a crispy chicken sandwich, a veterinarian will deliver pet care. VetPronto wanted to increase the transparency using on simple pricing. They work with local vets and charge a flat rate of $150 for any issue, plus ten other conditions with flat rates. For example, if your dog has diarrhea, you pay $150 for the house call, $50 for the fecal test and $25 for the medication. continue