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Saturday, January 28, 2017

How to feed a cat.

The number of times you feed your cat and the way you present the meal could be one reason your pet is obese. According to a new research feeding your cat once or twice a day is contributing to the overweight issues common in most cats nowadays. The researchers advice that actually feeding your cat small meals five times a day, including at night is a better nutrition protocol. These smaller meals mimics how your cat would eat if he were hunting and catching prey, such as mice. When cats are given a large amount of food in one sitting, they ignore their natural inclination to stop eating when they are full. Additionally, they are more sedentary, since they don’t need to hunt for their food, all of which can lead to obesity. When you want to feed your cat, try to give him small portions of food at a time,or you can make feeding time resemble a hunt hiding bits of food throughout the house, or using a toy which requires your cat to play with it in order to dispense the food. You can also play with your cat before feeding time to simulate how he would eat when hunting in the wild.If your cat is overweight, simply changing the way that you food him may help him to lose weight. You won’t notice an immediate change, but with a bit of time your cat’s weight should decrease. source