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Monday, January 30, 2017

Off grid solar satellite television.

UK-based solar company Azuri Technologies and Kenyan satellite TV provider Zuku launched the service in Kenya in December. A solar panel is fixed to the roof of a customer's home, and connects to a battery which powers a range of appliances, including lamps, a mobile phone charger, and a 24-inch (61cm) TV which accesses Zuku's Smart satellite TV service. Users pay an upfront fee of 4,999 Kenyan shillings (£39) for the system, and thereafter pay 149 shillings(£1.15) per day. By the end of two years on this payment schedule, customers own the kit outright. While solar power products have been available in Kenya for several years, and some free-to-air terrestrial TV stations have been accessible in rural areas, this is the first time off-grid households have had access to a full range of satellite pay-TV channels.All powered by the sun. AzuriTV provides lighting in their home, including a security night light, as well as access to world news and entertainment. Azuri aims to go beyond lighting and to provide each customer with TVs, internet access, entertainment and a range of services. continue